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Sgrean married Ozrean 😛 living in Brisbane 🙂

March 2019

chicken 🐥

And so I made a comment (which i shan't reveal haha) on a friend's status about an sg star. Well, a wrong comment that warranted a commenter's correction.My friend explained it was because they were fr the same JC batch and so they knew my "facts" were wrong.Another then chimed in to question me on my facts (in a nice way la). Wooh.

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🖐 can I admit this child-minding/caring thing is not something everyone can do. I mean, a part of me dieded when Eden saw a pretty bench and wants to sit on it when I said yes. But I really wanted to just go home and nua. Is it because hubs is gg out with his friends and so I am a bit emo. Sighs, yes and no I guess.

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on pacifiers and things.

Mamee, my teeth straight or not?I have to confess, I do feel a bit pressured reading some of you trying to wean pacifiers/dummies off your kids. But having gained back my um, thoughts, I am confident to follow my daughter's lead esp now that I feel more connected to her and am more sensitive to her needs and emotions.

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Taking a break from the childhood stories haha. I really enjoyed recounting it. Seeing I am so greatly blessed by people around me. ☺ I wanted to record that the other day when I picked eden up from cc, she was holding on to a flower and she gave it to me, all smiles. I said,"is that for mummy?", she nodded. Aw my heart. ❤❤❤

Growing up, I realised I seldom fall sick because of the "nutritious" meal my ah ma made. The few times she made curry chicken, I will (want to) have more than 2 bowls of it but my ah ma will stop me because we need to save some for the family. By then, my uncle R's already gotten married. I rmb there was once I was really sick of ah ma's food and I begged her to make spicy sweet potato leaves. (Haha eating spice runs in the family it seems. Eden loves her spices)

my childhood.

When I was a little kid, 3 or 4, I could rmb the family gathering around the tv, watching the 9 or 930pm show in our little house in Margaret Drive at my ah ma's place. As a kid, the house that was empty in the day as everyone went about their daily life activities aka work, gets lively as the family came together in the evening and did something (called watching tv). That warmed my little heart that I rmb till now.

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