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A month into wireless earphones and I would like to say it works for me 100%! No turning back to wire earphones. Upgrade to AirPods maybe cos someone told me AirPods will be a life changing experience. I think he was being exaggerating lah but i am really curious how good it is.Back to wireless, I no longer have to bother about tangling wire in a crowded bus/train. My hands are really free and I can carry my barangs better without having all the wire all over my arms, shoulders and whatnots.

It is true that as we get older, we received sad news more than happy news. It is the 3rd death news I received in the past 1.5 weeks.I just saw her sitting at the corner with her eyes closed during our reunion dinner on Sunday. Usually she would make small talks with me about Thea but this time, she looks somewhat sick and tired. I didn’t make an effort to talk to her cos I thought she needed the rest. Little did I know she would go into a coma on Monday and left us peacefully this morning.

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Trying out this OSN dress which I just collected from @/plainxjane! Sooo pretttyy! And I cannot wait to get hold of the mini one which I got for Thea. Thanks to Verine for helping me to cart cos I recalled I had facial and couldn’t camp online for the mini collection.Quality over quantity now and I think OSN dresses are quite timeless imo. TBH, I only wanted to buy this after I saw the mini collection. ROFL. Buttt no regrets I love this more than the other two I bought previously. Hehe.

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