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cabin crew interview πŸ€—

So tempted to dayre about my interview with MI so here it is!! It's my first time interviewing for a FT position, and for this position, with so many hopeful individuals that are much more experienced and qualified as compared to me, I feel that I'm really lucky to have made it this far.

Feel that this is a little milestone of my life that I should document down as well hehe.

I think everyone terms it as MI because that's the flight code for that airline.

The interview started at 9am and it was at T2. I wore a bandage skirt and a navy blue office TOP (thanks siqi hehe), and paired it with strappy-pointed heels. Nothing too tall, don't wanna look like a duck while I'm walking 😹

I woke up at 530, did my make-up and hair in a bun and dressed up. Did my prayers then grab-ed there!

Me and S were already planning and discussing about the interview 2 weeks before it happened. We read forums, webpages and I even asked em for help as he was freelancing there as well. We shared tips and also encouraged each other so I'm very thankful that I had her to share this little journey with πŸ€—

SO THE DAY HAPPENED. S reached at 8 while I reached at 815 or so. She was texting me about how she saw some people whom looked like they were going for the interview as well. I felt a bit scared, but my TAKE was to concentrate on myself and not be intimidated by others.

Just do my best, go with a light heart and not expect too much.

There were 4 rounds.

Registration, then....

1) 10 hopeful individuals to 3 interviewers
2) uniform fitting, skin check, teeth check and walk check
3) 1 to 1 interview
4) management round

As usual, they asked for qualifications, availability and also we needed to do a reach test and height taking before the 1st round.

Luckily for me, I was in group 1 as I was early. Think there were about 100 applicants or so that day. I was the last to speak as they forgot to take my height.

And there I was, sitting in the room with the 3 interviewers and 9 other applicants. It was mind boggling because you can get booted out at any round! And the 1st round is the crucial round la really.

It was quite obvious that the interviewers wore their opinions on their sleeves. Because I saw one of the interviewers face-palming herself and I laughed HAHA πŸ˜‚

The question was "why do you want to be a cabin crew"

Pretty straightforward I Guess!

I shared about my passion for service, and how I want to serve all kinds of different people. Be it nationality, attitude or age group. I shared that I am patient with kids because of my OCIP!

And also I said that I really want to grow as a person in life attitude and character wise. But I shot myself in the foot by saying that I want to deal with rude passengers

The interviewer shot me one question "what would you do if the passenger was screaming at you"

"Let the passenger scream finish, then apologise"

*stares at me*

And I was done 😹

We were told to wait outside for a while. In less than 5 minutes, the interviewers called out the names of those who were selected. Out of our group of 10, only 4 managed to make it.

Me, S, and 2 other girls.

I literally felt like this ^


How even?? Well it helped that I didn't put high expectations on myself.

By the way I was observing all the applicants and Apparently, I was the youngest.

And S and I were shocked because one of the girls that we thought would get through, didn't. So TBH, you really won't know what they are looking for. 😐

We were quickly ushered into another room. I saw their signature Tiffany blue and maroon uniform. (Colour signifies seniority) A lady passed me a maroon uniform and I was asked to change into it.

After I came out, she checked my back, my arms, rolled up the sleeves and asked me to smile with teeth. She asked me about my braces and I told her that it will be off in 2 months time. Then, I was asked to do a walk. I kept my posture as straight as possible and walked with steady footsteps.

And nope, it wasn't over. There was a 1-to-1 interview right after with the lady that was assessing me. She looked quite stern, and apparently she is the "discipline Mistress" for all the cabin crews.

She asked me to read a passage on inflight sales, then proceeded to ask me on why I wanted to be a cabin crew. Why SA and not SQ. Think I drifted abit from the 2nd question. Well I said a lot of things so I shall not type it out here, but just be convincing.

Never ever say things that you like Travelling. It isn't a good answer and moreover SA does turnaround flights mostly la. So you're really shooting yourself when you say stuffs like that.

At this round, the lady was observing the way I speak and she was also staring at my legs. I think she was looking out for scars as well.

At this round, the other 2 girls went home. Sadly cos I told one of the girl that we all can go for lunch tgt after this if we pass.

Once again, this was my reaction when the lady passed me 2 forms to fill in and also this letter.


Seriously, only 2 out of the 10 in our group made it. Me and S. We were Super exhilarated and I was jumping around.

We went to 4 fingers to have lunch to rewards ourselves hehe.

TBH I was telling myself to relax.

Well we were down to the last management round, and I realised only 24 people got in. 12 girls, 12 guys. And once again, I'm the youngest πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it was scary because the way the older people speaked seemed more professional.

Well we got the same question to 4 judges. Why do you want to be a cabin crew. I shared the same things that I said in the 2 previous interviews.

I was literally trembling because I had to speak infront of the judges + all the other applicants.

I think there was nothing much to stress about here. The only guy that was engaging with us was the operations director (?) while the rest just listened ON with a poker face 😩

He asked me why do I need to help China when it's us who needs help from china (it was very light hearted and he was joking)

He was like that with the other interviewees as well! This guy before me, apparently was the Son of some Mustafa thing. Idk lah. HAHA

So he said "next time can free parking?"


Another interviewee was from forest adventure. He was like

"Wah they teach me to start the fire......"

Another interviewee was from some modelling company.

"Wah velvet models.... sounds so...."

HAHAHHAHA he was damn funny la!

But yea, we were told to wait about 2 weeks for the results. It will come through email.

The lady briefed us on appearance, behaviour, how MI only does turnaround flights, she asked us not to quit our current jobs because the most challenging round is the last and final round: medical check up, and also told us to not come all the way to their office to question them if any of us did not get through. Also said, if you wanna travel MI is not for you.

I was literally like this after the whole thing ended. Baby? Cos I felt the youngest. Even spiritually and mentally. Everyone else was so serious while I was making stupid faces to calm myself down. Could feel that my soul is really young compared to them HAHA. But I managed to talk to a few people. It's interesting to hear about their lives πŸ€—

And of course I headed straight to the temple to give thanks to my Buddha. For letting me survive my first ever interview.

At least I know that I stand a chance! ☺️

I'm considering to go for the upcoming SQ interview. But we shall see how it goes.

😲 I really read a lot of horror stories of MI. But I won't let this affect me. Maybe it's a good insight, but I think let's not criticise and "hiam" the company even if I'm Gna Try for SQ.

Well holla. Hope that I will be able to share about SQ soon!

#MI #cabincrew #interview

Shall put in some hashtags, for the future hopeful individuals to read it 😘

Day 22

Sunday, 22 Jan 2017

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beanburrito (avatar)

beanburrito Congrats sia this sounds so surreal legit. I mean you got through with your friend. And lol, your answer to the screaming passenger qn. πŸ˜‚πŸ”«πŸ‘πŸ»

2 years ago

garderlespoir (avatar)

garderlespoir @Salsabeef ikr going through it was mind boggling. Imagine seeing people getting booted out right in your face. It's damn scary 😐 AHHAHAHAHA YA so rabz

2 years ago

beanburrito (avatar)

beanburrito Do well okay?? If you start on March maybe I'll see you on the flight ☺️ cos I taking silk air to Bandung ! Huehue

2 years ago

potatopeanutpancake (avatar)

potatopeanutpancake always a silent reader. but congrats! have always been thinking of joining this industry aft my studies too Nd it rly gave some insights to how it'd be

2 years ago

garderlespoir (avatar)

garderlespoir @onecabbage hello I believe you're from SP right? What course are you studying! I rmb you running for the election or smtg!!

2 years ago

garderlespoir (avatar)

garderlespoir @onecabbage just make sure that you're 158 and don't have sensitive skin! Also I feel that looking proportionate helps too. For character wise, there's no fixed character. But work on your speaking skills I Guess for now that you have time! It helps that you can speak with confidence. :)

2 years ago

nigelwong_ (avatar)

nigelwong_ I feel so happy for you heheπŸ’ͺ🏽

2 years ago

garderlespoir (avatar)

garderlespoir @nigelwong_ HAIYO also haven't get email yet idk if have or not la 😐 but thanks 😘

2 years ago

nigelwong_ (avatar)

nigelwong_ Aiyo can oneπŸ‘πŸΌ at least you're a step closer to your dream☺️

2 years ago

chodingyeollie (avatar)

chodingyeollie What airline is that! Eh you should totally try out SQ leh i think you will get in

2 years ago

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