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February 2019

Work’s starting in 5hrs. I can’t even sleep a wink even tho I’ve been lying down since 1030.... Sigh.

Sigh. Everywhere else is so jolly and happy. Except me. Argued with the stupid ass bf this morning. Over same issues. Why is it so hard to be me?

January 2019

Been dead for way longer than we’ve alive. Such sad news.

Just wondering... #dayreteachers #teachers I am thoroughly mentally exhausted. I am in need of a break. I am working as a teacher right now and this job requires so much effort and emotions etc etc. I haven't had a proper break for so long. I haven't lived life. I have thought about going to the psychiatrist for help. I can't live life feeling so down and depressed all the time. Will it leave a mark if I do so?

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