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March 2019

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The Beginning of An End 👋🏻

Today marks the 4th week of me serving notice, and word has been spreading like wildfire throughout the office.Hitting the halfway mark, another month to go before I bid goodbye to the place I’ve spent almost 3 years in.People are shocked at the fact that I’m leaving without a plan in mind. To be honest I am terrified of what the future will bring but... relieved I’m finally leaving.

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I am but a speck of dust in this vast universe. But yet my problems feel so big.

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What I Ate on My BKK Trip 🤤

Gonna finally update about my 4D3N trip the past weekend hehe! I meant to update on the go but I barely touched my phone during this trip, wasn’t bothered to even keeping up with social media. 😅 It was nice tho.#dayretravel #bkk #bangkok

February 2019

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BB ON LEAVE LOHHHHHMy long awaited bkk trip is in mere hours!!!! Gonna try to update my trip on the go here hehe 🥳✨Shall quickly update what happened these few days before the BKK updates wheeee

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Matilda 💃🏻

Just 3 more days to my BKK trip I’m thrilled!!!!!! And also little over a month more to my Korea trip hehe

You know what’s stupid? Yesterday I was having a stupid inferiority complex on how I felt I wasn’t pretty enough, and then soon after I was ushered into my boss’ room for a short meeting.While he was speaking to me his eyes were fixated on his phone. His wife, he said. I remember sitting back, saying “No worries I can wait!”.I knew his wife was sick. But he never shared much. Later he said,

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