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12 May 18 😘

February 2019

Day 6 of admission on Monday :Gave birth to my babyboo 😘 at w33+1 (plus 2 effectively cause it was Tuesday already)Ran a temperature and doctors were afraid that it would spread to babyboo, so they requested for an emergency c sect even though I was 3cm dilated.Cervix check was a btch I can tell you the doctor say gentle also not gentle one.They couldn’t wait for me to progress naturally nor induce me cause babyboo’s heartbeat spiked and my infection markers went up. #dayrepregnancy

Day 5 of admission:Woke up, went to the washroom and I think my mucus plug came off. 2cm dilated.I was in immense pain but the CTG wasn’t detecting any contractions. It was like perpetual cramps x 10. My pain tolerance was quite low.1st doctor came to check, no signs of labour, but pain persisted for 2 hours. Second doctor almost sent me to delivery suite but after she checked me the pain went off.Phew.

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Babyboo sleeping inside mama’s tummy. I hope you continue to bake inside. As long as possible. The longer you bake inside the faster you get to go home with mummy okay?

Day 3 of admission:Passed out some blood when I went to the bathroom. Got tracked on ctg at 12am and now 5.30am. Some contractions detected so they extended my ctg for another hour.I’m feeling some discomfort between my lungs and abdomen possible due to heartburn? Really really hope babyboo can wait till w34 min! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻#dayrepregnancyTold babyboo the longer he stays in my tummy the earlier he can go home with mommy. Be mama’s good and healthy boy okay?

Got admitted into a&e yesterday for waterbag breakage, and Doctors told me to deliver by w34 (1w+ time)And tbh, I worry about my baby. At such a young age and so light, will he be able to survive well?Gynae at tmc told me to get to kkh because tmc charges can be exorbitant considering that baby needs to stay in hospital.Kkh mommies, any advice? Already warded here.Also, I need to buy spectra s1 from Qoo10, any accessories I must add?Appreciate all your #dayrepregnancy advice please!

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TMC Childbirth Class 1/4

At the TMC ParentCraft Course now and it’s so informative! - get 8h of sleep every night!- sit down to sit household chores - exercise more! (Omg regretting now I scared I have a hard labour)- try to sleep on the left, if you wanna lie on your back, tuck a pillow behind your right butt cheek to tilt your body towards the left. - cut down on salt intake to prevent water retention- drink lots of water to kick in milk production- drink lots of soup eg papaya fish soup. #dayrepregnancy

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