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Make The Big Two Count

February 2019

4:49 PMSometimes I feel like I’m being shortchanged at work. It’s really not # iLOVEmyjob all the time. But I’m telling myself it’s ok it’s ok cos my conscience is clear. I treat people with sincerity and kindness but it’s ok that that’s not what I’m getting back. I’m not gonna change myself and my values.

10:31 AMBack at work after a long break! Monday blues was so bad this time, but it’s a lot better after stepping into office and chatting away hahaha 😊 Pooping in the toilet right now tmi I know ... BUT HEY 1.5h more till lunch 🍴 woohooooo

1:48 PMGood morning from me lazing in bed.

11:02 AMThe best thing I ever did this CNY is to apply leave on 7-8 Feb. And that means I’ve a super long CNY holiday. Love it! 👏🏻 This CNY isn’t that great 🤦🏻‍♀️K went for soccer on Sunday night 11pm. And the next morning which is 除夕,he texted me at 1030am...“I can’t walk... I sprained my ankle...”Fuck you ok really bo tai bo ji wanna go soccer then kenna this shit 😒Still wake up so late !? We had to rush to a TCM before it closes cos it’s freaking 除夕!

January 2019

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11:24 AMNo mood to work. CNY feels is so damn strong wtfThis is my favorite picture 🖤K manages Ben so damn well. Ben is really a dog 🐕 a dog that’s too smart for his own good! He’s a terror 🌚Ben’s really lucky these days as he gets to tag along when K picks me up etc. Initially, we were all worried if Ben’s gonna climb around the car while K is driving alone but all’s good cos Ben is scared of K. Damn scared please!

Can I just say I love Clara How’s posts hahahaha So relatable!When K and I were going through the “no-label” phase, we knew we were together but it seemed like having him pop the question made it a real deal lol! Not like it’s marriage but ya...PL was still asking me official 了没有 but well, it was in such an unromantic setting that I had to get him to swallow his question wtf

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