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February 2019

Ok now guess who regrets finding workCuz work is tiringAnd this is only the start of the (holiday) work

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Simple but heartfelt gift :’)I really love this ❤️I prefer handmade gifts to bought itemsTbh, he’s the kind who isn’t used to giving gifts, his love language more of quality time and touch so like I wasn’t anticipating anything from him, but he surprised me with this hehe ((he printed unglam photos of me which he secretly took on his phone lol))

Ok I’m turning into a freaking sloth help la nvr knew finding a job was so difficult :’(Anyone with full time or event jobs lobangs pls dm me thanks

Last day today finally ended yassssss2 presentations in a day was no joke, stressful af but yay done and dusted hehe

Sometimes I rlly think we are very different, in our way of thinking, we tend to see things, the same thing, in two very different perspectives. Idk if that’s good or bad, but it definitely did cause us to argue more than often, which sucks cuz I rlly hate it when we fight, but one thing I’m glad is we speak up and communicate. The outcome to it is a separate different story.

January 2019

Sometimes I feel I have too high of an expectation for myself such that I will overdo things and like spend more than required time on it and I rlly cannot leave it as it is if I don’t hit the certain requirement or standard I set for myself, it’s not that having high expectations of oneself is bad, it’s just.... it can be too tiring sometimes, I’m exhausted from putting in effort lol

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