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July 2019

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So.. I'm in the kitchen and hubby is in the living room. The affectionate me decided to express my love by shouting this across:

March 2019

The perks of not getting pregnant (yet)

Noticed my past few posts were quite gloomy haha. Shall do a sunshine optimistic post which was my usual style.So.. I've been trying to conceive #ttc for a few months and have stopped for the time being due to upcoming travel commitments. Still, I never stopped hoping for a baby... It doesn't help when the whole world is pregnant except me 😔 Hubby's both colleagues, his subordinate, another friend, etc etc. Pregnancy/ Baby jealousy is real 😐

February 2019

You never know a good thing till its gone

Humans, most humans.. The greedy, selfish, self-centered creatures who are constantly hungry for more --> e.g. A better life, friends, money, spouse, etc.When accidents happen to them/ their loved ones, they put their entire focus dwelling on why such a silly mistake was made. They dwell on the money issue for the car repair (if it's non-claimable from the insurance), they dwell on the increase in insurance premium. But, they forgot one thing.

人比钱和面子重要 --> Accident

Just had an accident in a foreign land where I brushed another person's car. The front of my car is damaged. The person's car seems to be lightly damaged.The hubby and his colleagues had to rush down from work to settle my mess and obviously he is not very happy with me (which is completely understandable). We'll be letting the party claim from our insurance and we have to fork out money to repair our car.

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Saw this on instagram haha. 笑也是一天, 哭也是一天~So why not 笑 instead? I had a good laugh looking at the ttc memes on instagram.This was how I look, hoping to increase the chances of that one sperm meeting the egg. Till then.. I shall take a break from baby-making and plan my year-end holiday 😄 On the bright side, since I'm not pregnant, I can continue to feast on "taboo" food/ dishes that preggers are not supposed to eat.#ttc

Baby where are you

Surrounded by babies and pregnant ladies, I look down at my belly and I can only see fats and folds (aka no baby inside) 😳😅 I used to think it's easy to get pregnant --> just go raw and that's it, a baby is made. I saw how my ex schoolmate had a shotgun wedding and tadah~ her baby is born and she spams photos of her baby on social media all the time 😥

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