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Never thought I would start posting here again... but I think I should, before missing the chance entirely come this month end!

I haven’t really disappeared from this platform despite removing my entire presence here. I have been silently lurking to spy on updates from friends and to read beauty/fashion reviews time to time. While Dayre serves a more superficial purpose for me in its later days, memories of my initial foray into this app still tug on my heartstrings...

While most of the friendships forged here have been taken offline... the thought of never being able to be a bystander in this Dayre community still scares me. What would I be without all the #/dayrebride, #/lovebonito, #/dayrepregnancy, #/dayrefatties, #/dayrebeauty posts?! It is still my main source of entertainment and Dayre has always been my to-go app for simple lifestyle questions.

I guess the passive users are having it as hard as the rest of the Dayreverse is... No matter how much the community has evolved through the years, the sense of loss is inevitable.

It won’t be the same....

But I’ve decided to seek refuge like the rest of the community at #weBlogit

Let’s continue to keep in touch! ☺️

I just want to....

Thank all those important ones who have entered my life because of Dayre 🙂

There is a tinge of regret because I completely did not back up my posts from the past. I couldn’t really care for the clothing reviews that I have deleted, but the ones that were a little more personal. I got scared because the platform was becoming too public for my liking, and I honestly didn’t like the attention I was unknowingly getting. I felt like I was chewing my words before the post gets published.

Exploring options with Stellar as well!

Day 41

Saturday, 10 Feb 2018

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plainpapercrane How do I back up the posts? Do I have to do it one by one?

1 year ago

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