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endless beauty talks

December 2018

This year has been fucking nuts.I’m super ready for 2019. Happy new year guys ❀️ Hope ya’ll been well!

July 2018

I’m not ok

I tried to convince myself that I was happy.Because I should be happy, and there’s nothing I should be sad about. I have nothing I lack of, what rights do I have to be unhappy? Sometimes I think the pursuit of happiness is so overrated because being sad is lame, being mopey is irritating and being depressed is attention seeking. If we are happy, everyone will like us because ~positive~ energy is always preferred, but how are we human if we’re never sad?

May 2018

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What’s the 411?

Hiiiiiiii everyone!!!!!!!!! πŸ‘‹πŸ»It’s been so long~ So is Dayre here to stay? I haven’t been keeping up but looks like it is still here? πŸ˜… How is everybody????? I feel a bit #fomo now cuz I really dk what’s happening round here anymore. What’s the 411?????

February 2018

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Holler @ Wordpress 😊

Hi friends!!I’m finally done sorting out my Wordpress!!! I managed to export all my posts a few nights back thanks to @dayxport ❀️ I’m so thankful and grateful and appreciative of you even tho Idk who you are. How can I ever repay this kind lady???? What am I without you??? Where will all my thousands of posts go to???? 😭 I have almost 1,3k posts, I am that hogger in the queue hahaha.

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Too Many Clothes Too Little Days

Still can’t believe Dayre is closing~It sounds damn silly cuz it’s just an app but I’m so overly attached to this space. Sigh.

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Jan Favs

Can’t believe I’m ending the third week at my new job! It’s been 15 days!!!!!!! 😱 So far... I think I’m still pretty slow and still getting used to the system. Because I was a one-man show in my previous job, I’m very not used to the SOPs here. But I also really like it cuz got system means I know my responsibilities and everyone has a part to contribute.Anw~ I really enjoy having colleagues to work with. They make time pass faster and I‘m so thankful we all can get along ok so far.

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