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Got woken up at 5+am with the banging of cot railings and loud whining. I didn’t dare to look at the baby monitor and just kept praying that she wouldn’t wake up and would go back to sleep after she’s whined enough. Very traumatized by the 4/5am dramas the last two weeks and I wonder if Sophia is trying to prepare me for S2’s arrival. Next thing I knew, it was already about 630am when I opened my eyes. Looked at the baby monitor and she wasn’t moving so that means she went back to sleep, phew.

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Wearing her shoes and socks

Some toddler wore her own socks today! Only managed one side and it was downside up, but still good job!!! 👌🏻👏 I was washing cups and refilling our bottles and told her to wear her socks (so she will stop pulling down random stuff from the shelves); didn’t expect her to really wear them!

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