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Ganjiong spider

January 2019

Auntie 都有一个公同点。爱贪小便宜,爱操人家家的东西侵犯人家隐私。希望我老了不要这样。

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Greedy ppl is greedy. How long i still need to deal with these. Tsk tsk...

为何人要面对生死离别,真惨忍。死了身边的人是最痛苦的。RIP, Aloysius Pang.

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Quick dinner for tonight. Not sure why i use ikan bilis to boil the soup and it turns out bitter.

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10 years ago i can stomach one set of two pieces KFC chicken and feeling nothing. Now, i can eat only one piece of chicken with some side dishes.

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Weekend spend like this. Sat starts with favourite claypot yimian.

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