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Wedding Catering

I’m actually thankful that despite a shitty March, things do eventually fall into place and gets better.

For one - I’m thankful for the latest intern, Michelle for pulling her weight and helping w launching this page!

To be honest this wedding page has been in progress since last year - and with zero deadlines, somehow the team just slip by and we just never got to settling all the nitty gritty stuff so..

Thankfully now we are clearer on weekly to dos and get goals aligned.

Launched a new series of wedding menus that we hope fits what #dayrebrides are looking for?

If it helps - we do customise menus accordingly for couples within our means!

Hehehe and I’m also currently a lil stress this week cos.. we are catering for @mongabong wedding tmr! πŸŽ‰

I’m really glad we are doing her wedding - and am happy to see the team rise to the occasion to preparing everything for it.

Also the reason why paddy hills is closing the cafe tomorrow as we have this ongoing church wedding event.

She wanted some aspects of Paddy Hills, and at the same time needed some aspects like a halal buffet line so we tried to make it work πŸ™ŒπŸ»

It’s a collab and has multiple live stations, buffet line and dessert stand all ready for the church wedding

Had to dayre crop it but YAS scallops too #dayrefatties worthy

Heh and a mini bistro which serves awesome finger food 😍

The church is really one of the stricter ones w no open fire live stations at level 2.

Ahhhh can’t wait for things to be completed!

Hahaha I love printing big boards from KC

all our vehicles are wrapped by him, old Ellysage @ Ion store sticker was also by him

His really πŸ’― a rare find that I’m so lucky to have found la 😒 Damn helpful and fast!!!

If ya want his contact just tele me @fionasoh ok #notsponsored but he legit good and cheap so I’m willing to share la. Happy to see his biz grow also!

Heh also prepared stands which I think I’ll try to do for all weddings in future under our packages at no charge - since it’s.. doable on our end.

A nice gift for the brides engaging ya when we customise their names onto the stands along the buffet line!

Am thinking for future wedding live stations I’ll print big foam boards so tt it adds to the feel~~

Hahaha must be extra af for such a dreamy day ya?

Ok on that note pls view ❀️

Also if you’re from dayre pls lemme kw

Small wins also include

Buying 3 easel stand on Carousell

+ Printed Posters being chio 😍

Cause now it’s all the mini deets but honestly I’ll refrain from posting about Mong Chins wedding and have @onandondiners do the postings next week so your can keep your eyes peeled there!

Like I say pls say you’re from dayre ok cos I always try to do slightly better or add on the posters etc that’s not included for ya ❀️ It’s legit a few more leg work for us to do new graphics print and collect these.

Moving on to non wedding related stuff

Mom and I headed to Vivo last weekend and I was happy even though we didn’t watch a movie and all cos I manage to bring her to shop a lil and she was soooo happy

Recently she’s been v sad / affected and rather uh pms la but haiz there’s nth I can do bout it la hor so imma judy do my Daughter duties which is make her happy 😏

We had this & it was goooooood πŸ˜‹

Bryan pampered me w salt crab that was HUGE to share between the two of us lolol he was mad

This crab weighed like 1.8kg and the pincer bigger than my hand!! Damn ex also but he baller cos we had a bad week πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

In our defence we spend on nth else but food and grab?

Also I’m on the way back to Bryans place and gonna be cooking steamboat soup + rice for him tonight cos..

He really this week pia mong’s wedding event plus we had a lot of cray events in between then made us wanna vomit blood.

(On that note it’s my first time filing a police report ytd and hiring a debt collector next week lol - really man 0 ethics these idiots)

So gonna chiong to NTUC nawwww after work and buy stuff for him πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️

是不是 πŸ’― gf award to myself

*nods head*

I’m baby! πŸ˜›

Btw guys I just post this for fun la tho it got cropped off but really best meal of this week πŸ˜‚

My steamboat soup w steamboat liao damn Tok Kong I took video to make bryan jealous and fished out salmon, prawn wantons, pork, meatballs and mushrooms hahahahaha #whatashowoff

Lao Niang all shortcut tho cos the soup is a paste for jap collagen soup πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

Truth is I’m still waiting for him to come back so I can cook for him la. The wedding setup since 3pm and tmr finally the effort will pay off la πŸ‘

(Also can I add - hallo I decided to cook for him at 2+ when he was leaving so I made my way to ntuc to buy everything then come back so while there’s 0 skills involve *ahem coughs* I’m baby and I used 100% effort ok)

Also what in the world Instagram error is this πŸ€ͺ

Have to uninstall and reinstall again πŸ’©

Day 81

Friday, 22 Mar 2019

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