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wedding done & dusted

The event is done & dusted!

Worth viewing cos it’s the first time we send our marketing girls and other girls like Jacelyn, Tricia to help out w taking photos and filming parts of it.

In the next few Customer weddings I likely will send our marketing interns to take photos film our setup so people have a better idea - and hopefully with w reference point and what they topped up with (eg we do have nicer cutleries that look like.. fake metal that customers can topup to if they want atas heh)

Honestly, they spend quite abit of time to setup (for weddings we always head 1 day in advance)

Sometimes I love them other times I do scold/say them - esp when they late or something screws up. At the end of the day I know they do try their best so it does comforts me that their intentions are really to help the brand.

Hahaha macarons tower this mini pyramid has been used a couple of times for other cakes as well

My favourite delivery assistant hahahahaha his name is liuzhe and his really the best!

Ya I’m bias but he takes initiative, hardworking and does a good job - very very rarely misses something. Which I appreciate la.

Videos are up on both Paddy Hills + On & On Diners Instagram

So yessah if you’re curious can pop by to have a look πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️ I feel like me posting everything here will η™½θ΄Ή their efforts on their social media platform cos mine are screenshots of their video stories


Can I also add my mom send me this

Pardon her spelling mistakes LOL she really msg quite cute one ok

Last time she can text us

Otw On Cup

(means otw on bus) heh those days of handphones where three alphabets in one number we really power readers to decipher what she say can??? #mymomisthecutest

Anyway my mom is like super against umm.. non banquet weddings la which honestly gave me a HEADACHE till I told bryan just delay la rlly ηƒ¦ζΌηš„

It’s like Bryan and I really not for a banquet cos we are just not that type~~

She’s rather traditional in that aspect that a banquet is a must and how can I try to be funny to hold a buffet w live station and alll and have my relatives get the food themselves (eg must be plated and course my course served)

Bryan really hates that cos he say the food served in hotels and banquets are disappointing / he can’t craft his own menu (lol) and even told me he wanna cook on his wedding day (this one I also headache pls can u stop working on ur wedding day lmao)

So yes I think Mongchin Wedding we did really showed her

Hi we can do buffet + live stations and x 10 better spread at a reasonable price! + look good

So yessah maybe I’ll just be renting a venue and throwing my wedding w a lot of activities and fun πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️

I wonder how many parents out there are insistent on banquet dinners?

Tbh.. dayre actually showed me many #dayrevendors and I do have a couple in mind to engage for my wedding eventually - I just want a day where everyone is happy & present!

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Saturday, 23 Mar 2019

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urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll OMG BRYAN WANNA COOK ON HIS WEDDING DAY HAHAHA πŸ˜… he really v workaholic. You also work so hard!!!! πŸ’ͺ🏻 Good job and jiayou!!

1 month ago

purpong (avatar)

purpong Very interesting idea!!

1 month ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe the way u saved ur mom under contacts LOL! and yes to book event hall + cater! I did that for my wedding too, my mom was SUPER against it and said all our cousins did in hotel how can I do like that so I threw her an ultimatum - okay we can have her hotel banquet if she pays for it cos we no budget. after that she shut up Liao. lol!

1 month ago

Thelittlemoments (avatar)

Thelittlemoments Loves how much you guys have expanded and slowly showing others that good food can be done anywhere. Hopefully this will eventually change the wedding tradition and in a way bring down the increasing prices by hotels. πŸ˜…

1 month ago

fionasoh (avatar)

fionasoh @urbandoll heheheh no la his just picky w food please!! I wanted to say good job w your new store I hope things grow and get bigger for ya πŸŽ‰πŸ’ͺ🏻 Jiayou!!

@purpong Adopted this idea as more brides engage us for their wedding and the event venues are πŸ’―πŸ˜ Hopefully it pans out la honestly we are quite sui bian so when it comes then see how!

@sgbudgetbabe heheheh yes cos my mom’s the queen. Ahhhhh yes my mom also same leh but I think she saw the wedding pics that day and went like eh 不错不错!

@Thelittlemoments Thank you for your kind words πŸ₯° Ya though I honestly doubt it I’ve seen banquet price increase every year without fail πŸ€ͺ

1 month ago

adventureg1rl (avatar)

adventureg1rl Hi Fiona, I love the set up On&On did here! Was just wondering if you could share on any nice event venues people have held their weddings at and engaged On&On catering? I always thought we lack event spaces in sg (especially if you don’t take into account church venues)! thank you!!

1 month ago

fionasoh (avatar)

fionasoh @adventureg1rl Ahhhh in the past we didn’t have the habit of taking photos of the venue and maybe just our buffet photo. I’ll try to get @onandondiners to do a post on this soon and link them when they post k! :)

Completely understand what you mean when you say if you don’t take Churches - I’m non Christian so in general options are much fewer! πŸ˜…

1 month ago

adventureg1rl (avatar)

adventureg1rl Looking forward to the post πŸ˜„

1 month ago

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