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Awesome April 2.0

Eusoff Hall @ NUS

Headed for our presentation earlier this week and also had our food tasting!

Coming to Eusoff Hall NUS also made me having those “what if” thoughts hhahaha.

Here is the Hall life I never had in SMU and missed out in University life. Yet.. I still like SMU a lot la honestly - school was awesome, like hahaha 😎 While we are students we complain how tough school is tho.

But still you wonder how Hall life is ya?? Anybody feels me on this πŸ˜‚

Also I was so sian cos I’m using mac and gone are the days I be the burden group mate that don’t have a mac adaptor and borrow from classmates / we use another group mate laptop that is not a mac lolol.

Also sian I had to buy a damn clicker cos I always had a friend who had it and we do almost all our projects tgt LOL

So I had to borrow Bryan’s Brother laptop and also.. buy a clicker from Carousell πŸ˜‚ Bryan is thoroughly amused that I buy everything off Carousell.

So we only manage to edit finish the slides by noon the day before presentation and then get it binded so by the time I was home it was alrd a lil late and then Bryan say I’m gonna be the sacrificial lamb aka kakia #1 who will be presenting.

Honestly I wasn’t stress about it la I think smu really train us for project presentation and the slides were done by me so technically I do know most of the content alrd.

But I kept disturbing Bryan about it which was hilarious. This idiot....

He damn no confidence in me lor wlao he made me rehearse more than 10 times till I went

Eh b midnight alrd I can memorise everything liao can I sleeeeeppppp?

Him: No again
Me: Aiya you present la you present la
Me: I need sleep else tmr I cannot wake up

In the end he gave in and I happily go sleep cos hallo???? Sleep is for the weak and I need it heh

Then on that day of presentation entering the room alrd right he turn to me and say ok I present



New space!

Also I’ve been meaning to share another mini milestone which is after much discussion - initial plan was to move the marketing team over and build a second office but then so many changes happened for better or worse.

So.. the plan altered a lil and we’ve decided to sign the lease and build another kitchen in the unit next to us πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️ If anything, this year has been a year of growth (and a learning curve)!

Renovations kickstart this weekend!!

Also.. we’re filming a corporate video tmr for our delivery fleet.

I don’t say this often enough - but Bryan really works so hard to get everything running and working. I need to step up a lil more since this coming week is a lil breather so I can rush out some things.

Of which I cannot wait to launch Paddy Hills Website la!!!! This one really next week must put in motion alrd and best thing is the offers we have in mind πŸŽ‰

Pretty psyched to share about this! Paddy hills is waiving venue rentals for dinner events with min spend - this would benefit those who’ve been inquiring for their birthday parties, or even the #dayrebrides holding a dinner at our place.

Email should you be keen πŸ₯³

This April I hope we will be on track to launching the site w the uploads of menus and product items done! Gonna be tons of awesome promotions πŸŽ‰

Dayre 2.0

Honestly I’m not v disturbed? I mean.. yes the price point is not out but there’s a one month free trial yes?

When the old dayre was gonna close, I didn’t bother w exporting my entries cos..

1. Lazy
2. No time
3. I know wherever I export to it’s not gonna make a difference - dayre is such a unique app that makes it easy to blog on the go. I doubt I can keep up with a blog - it seems a lil too formal and I can’t write all these nuggets of nonsense hahaha I love how not-curated my post can be

For those who are leaving that I follow.. I guess I’ll miss their writings eh.

Since I joined dayre a few years ago, I’ve had people I follow and read all the time left suddenly some time back, and there’s nothing I can do πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I merely find new people along the way whom I love reading and actually learned so many things from them?

I get that it’s a tough decision for Dayre~

The team operates a business and know that charging will ultimately mean not everyone is staying, and while it’s sad.. it’s just life? I’m sure they don’t wish for this to fail and while it doesn’t mean a lot - I’m pretty sure #imstaying!

I doubt the price would be off-whacky or exorbitant. I subscribe to GrabFood plans and Netflix, both of which I use quite frequently. Dayre is something that carries a lil weight considering i use this more than Instagram! #dayre2 #dayre2point0

From milestones at Ellysage to stepping into Paddy Hills + On & On Diners, to ranting about industry rants @fionasoh:200117 and.. fortune telling /dayredramas if any lol.

I’m thankful I’ve had a free platform that brought me through multiple milestones in life and how it connected me to so many of you here.

I find myself writing a lil less these days compared to the past and move to being a silent reader πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️

Weekend dinner w the fam

Legacy Seafood ζ¨ͺθ‘Œε…«ι“ζ΅·ι²œ

Sooo it’s been awhile since my family had Uncle Leong and the Jurong one shifted + change name?

No idea why but mmm while it’s nice it’s rlly different from the old Uncle leong we had! We tried to be a lil adventurous and explore coming by here for dinner. We usually settle for hillion or nearby πŸ˜…

Now that everyone is working - weekly dinners w my mom and sis is something I look forward to.

The weekend passes way too fast.

Day 104

Sunday, 14 Apr 2019

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