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updated 11 months ago

Even Alvin asked me why I complimented you 😂 I must have been blinded previously. Why are people so dramatic fml

If I was that irresponsible, I would not have taken the initiative to save those useless CM links into my laptop for the fear that SIT would kick me out of the system. I would also not have helped my assigned partners out for the respective assignments. My point is I knew my departure would be abrupt so I decided to take actions but I was removed from the group before I could have taken any necessary actions to help out for our group assignment.

I really have the urge to let loose on social medias at times.

Just a few days back, I received the most absurd Telegram text ever from one of my former classmates.

I have already left the school, so just stop it. Lol.

Day 164

Tuesday, 13 Jun 2017

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limuynaiq (avatar)

limuynaiq Ignore these people omg. Don't let them affect you 🙆🏻

11 months ago

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