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Shall keep my dayre more alive since there's a freaking train delay (AGAIN) and the delay SMRT approximates is getting longer by the minute lolol.

SMRT really needs to get its shit together 🙃 instead of simply saying that it's due to signaling faults because it brings about so much inconvenience. The train freaking broke down twice already this week and it's only Wednesday. Please give us a legitimate answer and ways to resolve this issue.

妹妹s ☺️💖

#FOCbestcamp - babyygabbyyy, 2017

Despite the shortcomings of this camp, I still enjoyed myself thoroughly. I have discovered so much about myself as well as the others around me in such a short timespan. The environment (not too sure if it's just my group.. LOL) here is really positive and everyone is pretty genuine which is something I appreciate alot. I hope I will always remember the values that we shared with each other.

Commitment, trust, empathy, friendship, gratitude & balance ✨

Day 193

Wednesday, 12 Jul 2017

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