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Travelled all the way back to TPY for yet another beneficiary visit this afternoon!

To my surprise, I really enjoyed all the beneficiary visits attended so far! The kind of satisfaction I get after each session is 💯. It's really heartwarming to see those elderly enjoying themselves and wanting to see you again during your next visit.

Who knew that I would enjoy interacting with elderly this much, I'm really glad for stepping out of my comfort zone to participate in this programme ☺️

So we were each assigned to one elderly. We did some simple exercises and played a few rounds of charades and bingo with them.

LOL the auntie I was assigned to was upset and threw subtle tantrums when she lost the first round of Bingo (please refer to the previous image for her first game LOL really abit suay tbh). The way she reacted to things were legit damn funny.



"Aiya, 我给他们赢 lor。"

"我差不多要赢了 lor, 你的朋友还不要给我饼干, 叫她 next week 不要来。Just kidding."

Day 200

Wednesday, 19 Jul 2017

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