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HELLO, I've yet to break camp but here's my final camp before school starts!! I've still got another camp in less than a month's time but let's leave that for another day LOL.

So... Presenting to you my ASOC groupmates ✨ All dem smart accountants to be :')

// Updated on 15 August //

My expectations were already set by the other camps I attended, but ASOC was still quite fun! The food was meh tho, I prefer Inspirar's food over ASOC's 😳

My group was alright! I managed to click unusually well with a handful of them HAHAHA.

Horror night was funny af imo LOL.

1. I pretended to be afraid initially - because I was quite worried that I would get all paranoid and not be able to sleep after :') - but it didn't work out well... LOL I was dragged along into the scare rooms ultimately 🙃

2. C fell on his ass and hugged my legs when the scarer screamed, "Get out!!!!" LOL thought I was supposed to be the one that's "afraid" HAHA

Day 209

Friday, 28 Jul 2017

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