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Life has been super good and productive ever since I decided to take a break. I feel so recharged and ready HAHA there are lots of programs lined up for me!! Super excited for my (impromptu LOL literally got the tickets 2 days back) HK trip tomorrow ☺️ I haven't pack for the trip tho.. LOL

Anyway, I attended GK's 21st last Sat and I had so much fun with NFNS. Damn, we really did burn some bridges 🌚



Went to the venue earlier with Vintan and Denz the other day to help out with the decos. Been putting my supervising skills to good use LOLOL

His birthday cake was mad chio guys. Never really fancied dark coloured cakes but 😍

Featuring my main bij 🀷🏻‍♀️

TT πŸ’–

Constants since Y1 πŸ€—

OMG OH YES. Ceci and I wore similar outfits coincidentally y'know LOL. Wanted to take ootd with her but was too paiseh to do so because there were lots of people around us HAHA so we boomeranged instead.

NFNS(-3)'s group photo after God knows how long HAHA

Sap, WL and Ken have to join soon. NFNS needs to be back with full force soon ya. Take nicer boomerangs HAHA

LOL our first candid with everyone smiling


Guess who has finally changed her phone πŸ€“ Felt that I needed a change so I switched back to Android. Really wanted ip7+ mainly for the portrait mode but hmm, I don't think it worths my $900 because the only distinctive edge ip7+ has over my current ip6 is its camera function πŸ™ƒ


Waited 2.5h for a burden woman called "Mandy" (LOL) 2 days ago. SIGH. Made our way back to JN's favourite pancakes store to have some fluffy pancakes HAHA I felt bad sending him pics of the pancakes tho. Just a fun fact, I cancelled our meet up twice already due to unforeseen circumstances LOL xiaopaiseh y'know

OMG GUYS. Took a chance and patronized this place (can't recall where I had this but..) with my mom. They have really tasty fusion pastas and baked rice omg. I really wanna go back to have more.

Was supposed to join Junfeng and co for HDL this Friday but I'll be at land of dimsum so I decided to have it without them first :') I'm just kidding LOL. Can't wait to see them next week!! Really miss talking to them 😭

Date with le bro yesterday LOL. Thanks for the treat ya :') Jk, I'll pay you back soon. Please be patient HAHA I promise I will not default from the payment okay!

I couldn't contain my excitement when I saw a Chateraise outlet in TPY this afternoon. There are so many improvements made to TPY Hub but it's only after I shifted out :')

I kept exclaiming how nice their cakes are to my parents LOL. I know about this shop because it's my SP FYP's client's competitor so.. 🀷🏻‍♀️ but guys, please try their cakes!!

Malaysia Boleh has the nicest herbal bkt!! Okay la, not that it's the nicest but it's the closest one to my house already HAHA the best herbal bkt I had is in JB. Really want to go back for more but wa, it's really inconvenient to get to that place πŸ™ƒ

Day 165

Wednesday, 14 Jun 2017

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jiahuiie (avatar)

jiahuiie Send the pics with the four of us leh πŸ€—πŸ€—

11 months ago

aaaiilicec (avatar)

aaaiilicec land of dimsum bo jio ?!! and your main bij chio sia intro pls?

11 months ago

limuynaiq (avatar)

limuynaiq enjoy your well-deserved break babe!!! ✨

11 months ago

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