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I will miss the both of you very much 😭 thank you for always helping me out academically and for hearing my rants even though y'all can be quite inattentive :')

Tbh, I haven't fully recovered from whatever that have happened between us. I hold a small, close inner circle and that is probably why I will always tend to take a long time to "recover" haha. I still reminisce the times spent together from time to time bc afterall, you guys were the first group I felt close to.

Sometimes I feel as tho I've made a wrong choice for not communicating the "issues" we had and for choosing to simply walk away instead. But I guess not doing so has its perks as well. At least I've discovered more about myself when I was alone.

The 3 of you deserve another post because you guys are really amazing. 😭💖

Day 158

Wednesday, 7 Jun 2017

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