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3 days passed like a breeze. I love how spontaneous, inclusive and encouraging these people are. The activities were very engaging and fun to begin with, but these people managed to make the camp (especially the very long hours :')) even more enjoyable.

Cheers to all of our wins!! ☺️ I am so proud of our wins at Sentosa HAHAHA. I think we won 6 out of 8 rounds or smth, it was pretty good!!

HufflePuffers from HufflePuff 3!! ☺️

My second camp is finally here! Introducing my group mates for Inspirar! Really thankful to be in the same group as them. One of my main takeaways from this camp would be to not judge a book by its cover because clearly, some people are not what and how I thought they were. Everyone is so friendly and approachable, thumbs up!! Can't wait to see them again for the finale.

Just a side track, Joan works for this company and she chanced upon my group's picture while browsing through the submissions on Instagram HAHAHA

Mr. Sun was in an extremely good mood the day we went to Sentosa. It was so hot that it nearly killed me (definitely exaggerated but you get my point :')); I have terrible sunburns on my feet and face.... 😪 I guess my sweat washed away all the sunblock I applied on my face.

This picture doesn't do justice to the redness on my foot. But yes, my another foot suffered the same fate. :(

Featuring our first game of the last day and we lost LOL. It's an improved version of badminton HAHA

Tied braids with the girls today hehe!!

Day 205

Monday, 24 Jul 2017

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