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February 2017

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Proud of the design 😎

Am I supposed to compromise how you made me feel/felt? Yes? I guess that's because that's what friends do? LOL. I no longer know how to put up a strong idgaf front and pretend that everything's ok when it clearly isn't. If you had the most basic respect for me, you would not have hid that little issue from me. I am pissed not because I wasn't included but because I was not 'allowed' to know about it. If it can happen once, what about twice, thrice and so on?

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Conceal. Don't feel. Just got to keep the damn faith going.

Sometimes, I feel that I am investing too much in a friendship because it's often not reciprocated. Then again, if I were to not put as much effort into it, I'll just be forgotten. No? Sometimes, I am at a loss and one way I find really useful to protect myself is to not recognise everyone I know as a friend. And from what I know, that's as fucked up too isn't it?

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