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June 2019

Within a blink of an eye, my baby is a year old. That makes me a SAHM for a year now too. Although I don’t post much anymore, I’m still here, lurking around lol. And of course, reading up on the latest dayredrama (?). TBH I don’t see that as a drama la, just a few school of thoughts but I guess some ppl come off a bit too defensive, hence the “drama”. But I do agree with the unpopular opinion though, which is why I quit my job to be a SAHM.

April 2019

OMG catching up on Dayre is impossible! So hello everyone! I’m just going to start again 😅 and I’ve got to say that it’s super great news when I read some ttc couples who were trying have already graduated to dayrepregnancy! Such happy news, and of course, seeing everyone’s babies as toddlers now. Gosh time flies huh? My own baby is already 9 months! I survived being his sole caretaker for 9 months! 🎉 this calls for a celebration man lol.

March 2019

Gosh! The last time I posted here was in December 2018! That was 3 months ago, 3 months since I logged into this app, 3 months since I updated and 3 months since I caught up with what’s happening on Dayresphere. I miss it though from time to time but there’s always something to do when I had time to myself. Life with a baby 😅.

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