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Love conquers all.

June 2018

Ice in a special box Tall glasses laid out Waiting for me Rose scented concoction With a splash of frog eggs (For good measure)When the time comesWe lap them up In silent eager anticipation Of the warmth the cold brought to our hearts.

May 2018

Why do people say yes when their heart says no?Wait till the occasion rolls around and then regret?Roles, perceived responsibilities and social norms.

Why? //The ideology of Solidarity To find comfort, in our existence together. Solidarity is important- knowing that we are not alone and knowing that there is a togetherness can make all the difference.

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The prospect of crawling up from bed and scrambling to eat and drink everything before 530am is starting to dwindle. But the sight of everything laid out on the table to make the process a lot more bearable, makes the process, a lot less painful indeed.

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Day 2, let’s go. It’s always easier when you have a team with you. Knowing that there’s someone out there doing it alongside you, makes it a whole lot easier. And when there are people who go out of their way to make sure your fasting experience is as good as it gets. From the morning coffee, to the evening grass jelly. It’s the little things that make all the difference.

It’s 5am and I climb out of bed to find a spread of banana bread, coco pebbles, milk and fruits all laid out. And the amazing woman whom I’m really doing this for, tinkering in the kitchen making the magic coffee, as I call it. Privilege, is a funny little thing. It doesn’t seem to be visible when you’re not noticing it. The simplest things like taking a sip of water, that rumbling in the tummy at the 3pm mark. Suddenly every Muslim becomes a fellow comrade, but, I, the incognito one.

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