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March 2019

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A few months back, a friend of mine gifted us a preloved train set.My kids had fun n then the interest starts to run out.Today, i declare that we shall use it as a playtable.Oh mine... it is such a good table to have. For the first time, i do not end up playing 'chase the marbles' on the floor when we played with the marble tower.

January 2019

3rd week into Primary school for my 1st born.I felt so tired that it was bringing me the same feeling as having an infant but slightly easier.The thing that i had to let go most is the big chuck if time that i have when both kids are in cc.Now i have to wake up at 5.30, conjour a simple breakfast and snack box out and send my girl out of the door by 6.25am.Then i get some bits of time before the 2nd one is up and has to go to sch.

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The first day of sch started well. Even the youngest member woke up early n send his sister to school cheerfully.God granted us a beautiful morning.

Tomorrow my first born will be entering a new stage of her life. She will be a primary school kid tmr.I wished there is an updated book on what to expect for primary school parents. The options i can choose.. like be a relaxing and chilled mom or a super tiger one.All i can based on is experiences that my kind friends (parents and teachers) shared with me.I pray that God will lead us and hold our hands as we start the new journey.

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