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updated 3 months ago

gargh after weeks of inner struggles, this happened.

dayre is poisssonnnn- i thought i was out of the woods bt all the time spent perusing #chanel here got the better of me. 😳 i went into the store wanting either a 1)cch 2) something w chevron 3)something in pink since i have blacks n beiges 4)matte gold hardware and lo and behold this one had everything

and then.... a pair of classic ballerinas in a matching pink was brought out... lel. self control out the door 😳😳😳

back to regular programming, the stuff we got for outside the home makeover is here! new shoe cabinet which husband will add a lock mechanism to (dont ask me how man, im leaving it to the engineer to figure out) and the waterproof mat !

we got another shelving for more plants too! omg i cant believe we are into plants now la wth. age really changes you 😅

in other news, i’ve just submitted the draft formy paper, 25 days late of my self imposed deadline 😂 the paper is due in TWENTY ONE days. which means im TWENTY TWO days away frm our NYC trip and 3 months away from graduating n returning to life as an adult !!!!

applied for three positions and heard nothing frm them. lol. i guess its really true that u need to apply for hundreds before you even get a call back 😩 i miss flying n the thought of gg back is soooo enticing

Day 42

Monday, 11 Feb 2019

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peccavi (avatar)

peccavi wat kind of positions are u interested in, if you dun mind sharing?

3 months ago

ficklefeckle (avatar)

ficklefeckle hello @peccavi !!!! hmm im casting a wide net and looking at corp comms/HR/customer relations (majoring in sociology). not sure if my 7 yrs of flying experience is worth anything so am looking at entry-level positions! any advice o’ wise one? :))

3 months ago

peccavi (avatar)

peccavi actually i am sure you have transferable skills like people skills, problem solving / thinking on your feet, so compared to fresh grads you can have advantage... just keep pressing on. hee if you are open to gov jobs, maybe there will be some turnover in april cos i think that is the typical bonus payout period (before ppl who wanna leave will quit). good luck!!

3 months ago

ficklefeckle (avatar)

ficklefeckle ^taking notes^ thank you kind @peccavi :)) i will continue to try n try again :))

3 months ago

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