fic fic fickleeeeee (avatar)
updated 2 months ago

oh. mai. gawd. SMEG coffee machine!!!!!!! i dont drink coffee but I need to add this to my kitchen right?!???

they also have an expresso machine, a handheld blender and the glass bowl for the standing mixer BUT can only buy online and shipping will take 2-5 weeks 😥

got so chio or not??? its super overpriced at $179 usd before tax and u can easily get one <S$100 in singapore BUT not SMEG n not chio.

i just love shopping in the states la, everything is so damn pretty

totally getting the ceramic bowl/rolling pin/spatula (i already bought 3 other spatulas lol) and muffin pan frm crate and barrel before we leave. i dont know how im gg to carry them home w/o breaking but heck i’m gg to try anyway !!!

oh new york, how i’ve missed you so!

Day 69

Sunday, 10 Mar 2019

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peccavi (avatar)

peccavi how is princessss doing? ah smeg stuff is always so pretty!

2 months ago

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