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updated 4 months ago

New plant alert! Cant wait for this money plant to grow grow grow!

Also looking for inspiration for a nice quote of print to hang above the washing machine!

put up a roller blind between the service yard and the kitchen cos me no want pple to see ma clean undies hanging when they come over. while the husband way drilling I took the opp to ask him to drill one more hole in the ceiling cos i want to hang a planter and add more greens! but he said no cos service yard is to hang clothes, not plants. 😑 pfffft. men. what do they know!

when i insisted on pouring out the detergent into a container instead of leaving it in the pack he also gave me a look insinuating that im cuckoo. haha. sorry dude, its too late to leave, we’re already married!

at my mum’s now and i really should be writing my paper but here i am decorating cakes 😩

wish i cld brg the cakes back home n where i can take better pics!

Day 32

Friday, 1 Feb 2019

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LifeOfElle (avatar)

LifeOfElle @ficklefeckle my husband gave me that 🧐 look too when i want to put plants on the service area wall.😂 he has no idea i wanted to put detergent in those fancy tin cans yet 🤣

4 months ago

LifeOfElle (avatar)

LifeOfElle i think we have the same washing machine 🤭

4 months ago

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