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Not a baby.

January 2019

Urgh I screwed up the transformer that came with the instant pot.

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Getting used to the three hourly pump. But feeling dejected that baby rejects latching. Ok la she suckles a bit for fun but eventually cries for the bottle. Need to be more patient! And put in more effort to latch lol. Cus rn the nanny automatically reaches for the expressed bm whenever baby cries. And most of the time I’m either sleeping or pumping. Gonna stop being so lazy and just stuff my boobs in her face 😂#dayremummies

Baby is 2 weeks and 2 days old!

Checking out the products on legendairysg. Is cashcow worth getting to up my supply? Currently pumping 120ml - 160ml per session for both boobs. Haven’t found my milk booster yet lol. Probably fish la. #dayremummies

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As much as I’m pro breastfeeding... I hate the fact that my boobs are double their pre-pregnancy size. It’s SO obscene 🤢

Day 9 of confinement

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