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Child of God.

December 2018

Of learning to be kind even when the veil is torn. Learning, failing at times, trying again, not wanting to try, trying - a cycle that goes on. Maybe that’s how resilience is built. Maybe that’s how depth of character is developed.

INFJ. The advocate. An inner circle.—————I think sometimes I don’t fully grasp how precious it is to have a bestest friend. To know and be known in kind. I don’t take it lightly, nor do I take what Pox and I share for granted, but sometimes I think the magnitude of just how rare and priceless this is escapes me.Depth of sincerity and authenticity. The freedom to be completely open books before each other; in person and online. In this day and age, I think we all curate a persona.

November 2018

I think this is the first time I’m really cognizant that the decision I’m making now will really lead to losing an upcoming battle on Tuesday but ultimately winning the war on Life.The scolding may sting pretty badly on Tuesday, but it will fade fast enough too. But wedding anniversaries come but once a year and each year’s only once a lifetime. This is probably the first, hopefully not the last time, where I’m so clear of my priorities and how it may lead to negative repercussions.

September 2018

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Selling! BNWT Love Bonito Melkyn Dress

Selling BNWT #lovebonito Melkyn Lace Overlay Trumpet Dress in Dusty PinkSOLD

August 2018

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3 cakes in a day at Brettschneider’s Baking and Cooking School! :) The teaching arm behind Baker & Cook!

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Hand piped potato paste rosebud!

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