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Random pieces of thoughts in multiple posts

May 2019

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0108//Time is running out.3 more months before my contract ends.I need a new job.Fuck why is this back haunting me again?!

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1024//Literally me when I came in to work today. Including the weekends, I was away from work for 4 days and it basically means that my inbox wasn't spared 😂Decided to just zen and since nobody wants to do the work, then they got to wait for me to do the work. ASAP shouldn't be sent to me when you know I'm on leave, so I'll send it over ASAP, based on my standards. I've rlly got more urgent things to do than paraphrase something I did?

April 2019

You know you're dead when you're trying to decide if you shld be making an impulse purchase to see nuest at hallyupopfest....

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1246//I've had enough. I think.I was so close to another meltdown.For something that wasn't my fault. That doesn't even concern me. That shouldn't even be anything related to me.

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This is probably me when going for the hi touch session yesterday!!!I had such a fun time at the fanmeet yesterday and.... I must say I'm close to converting to becoming a big fan ;~;

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1104//Working with a /view/Had a really bad morning now, let's see how bad this day can go ☹️

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