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updated 3 months ago

#ollieswims // Marina Bay Carnival 🎡

1-to-1 again.

Pap told him to 大大力敲 and he really 大大力敲 🔨

Carnival with my boys!

King of ring toss.

First game first throw and he got it in! I don’t even have enough time to take out my phone and take photo of him tossing. Somepapa very haolian after that, every booth also wanna try.

But Ollie the lucky charm tactic only worked for one win 😂

Had to push the big big unicorn around on the stroller, super attention seeking!

The only ride Ollie’s height can take, but warrao $9 leh.

No place for it in our car boot so I gave up my seat 😂

Damn big la okay, I can’t stop laughing when I was taking the photos.

The husband’s new girlfriend.

Day 27

Sunday, 27 Jan 2019

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imkai (avatar)

imkai wah so huge! Haha

3 months ago

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