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updated 5 months ago

1 more day to free dayre plus! I have so much to update, but I wanna do it more privately. Which is why I haven’t been posting much these few days.

Also, need to konmari our refrigerator and bombshelter before cny. But so lazy la. I just wanna nua on the sofa all day err day.


Berry platter for the berry lover.

See the tamjiak boy behind.

The husband commented that the baby is getting chubbier... is he?

Waffle and cheese noms!

Didn’t know that hdl got mini play area for kids!

Papa, I help you order food.


又ιͺ—εˆ° free toy!

Still prefer the tomato soup 🀀


Leap 10 is almost over... and my good boy is back! 😍

Definitely less cranky, less clingy and less crying.

So Ollie broke and ate a small part of his fork on sunday and I finally found it in his poop on tuesday! πŸ™ŒπŸ» #momlife


So brave dare to slide down himself now!

One more time!

Don’t know what he told his friend πŸ˜‚

#papaduty because mama low batt already.

If only he can take over every week.


Oh my sleeping child ❀️

Unboxing one of my old buys.

Can’t believe I actually kept this beauty in its box for almost a year.

Classic-est choice for my very first pair of chanel espadrilles.

So soft!


A tad too snug now, but I was told that they will loosen up after a few wears. Hope it doesn’t rain on εˆδΈ€ πŸ€” Anyone has got any ideas on how to care for the jute sides?

Day 31

Thursday, 31 Jan 2019

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farahdean (avatar)

farahdean I’ve been reading on off I don’t even realize it’s free Dayre plus. πŸ˜…

5 months ago

faerietale (avatar)

faerietale Hello! Long time no see heh! They just announced recently that it will be free dayre plus (starting feb) until dayre 2.0 is out. @farahdean

5 months ago

marilyn (avatar)

marilyn Haha it’s 1 February get ah! yay!!! I thought just somewhere in February! HAHAHA

5 months ago

lifeofbestfit (avatar)

lifeofbestfit I also didn’t know got free Dayre plus! Haha

5 months ago

farahdean (avatar)

farahdean I hv been reading friends entries here on n off just silently hehe. But not announcements etc. πŸ˜…

5 months ago

faerietale (avatar)

faerietale Woohoo! They upgraded us liao! @marilyn @lifeofbestfit @farahdean

5 months ago

marilyn (avatar)

marilyn YAYYYYY

5 months ago

marilyn (avatar)

marilyn Eh i no have leh!

5 months ago

faerietale (avatar)

faerietale Eh mine also gone! Maybe testing LOL @marilyn

5 months ago

farahdean (avatar)

farahdean Wah he can take berries! Some sour yeah?

5 months ago

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