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Every mother’s worst fear, nightmare, guilt.

And pain.


Ending the night with a heavy heart.

Hugged my mini tightly to sleep the whole night 😔

Mama will protect you from danger for as long as I can.

This cutie ❤️

They have it!

Hopefully we can find time to head down and check it out tomorrow.

Bottomless pit day.

180ml milk
1 yoghurt pouch
3 strawberries
15 blueberries
1 cheese stick
1 bread slice with butter
1 omelette
150ml milk

As at 4pm.

Awww my baby is the sweetest!

Was taking a rest on the sofa and Ollie came over to check on me.

He looked at me with concern and went on to pat pat my tummy and lay his head on my chest. Then he climbed up the sofa and snuggled next to me. Stayed there for a few seconds before finding it too uncomfortable and ran off to play his toys.

So sayang me this baby ❤️

7th & 8th toothies are here! #olliegrowsteeth

Day 24

Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

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nite_stars (avatar)

nite_stars omg, sounds exciting!

3 months ago

saltvinegar (avatar)

saltvinegar Very cute bag!

3 months ago

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