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April 2019

I think I have a very bad habit of looking at my bf's last seen and wondering why he can read my messages and not reply me. But I try to hold it back and not make a huge fuss about it. Cos he will reply me eventually. But it still makes me feel... meh. Oh well just some random thoughts. //

March 2019

P was trying to feed me a bite of his egg tart after dinner and I totally did not feel like eating it at all but he kept trying to make me. By trying to eat it in the most delicious way ever and going “mmmmmm it’s good? You sureeee you don’t want a bite?”

February 2019

That one breakup that changed my life, was initiated by me. I broke his heart, yet I was even more broken than ever. I ended it, and started my journey of self discovery to pick up the pieces.But it wasn’t an easy journey at all. First came relief. I was glad that I was finally free from the relationship. I didn’t know when it happened, but I just fell out of love with him. Being with him felt like it consumed too much of my energy, and I was starting to grow tired.

Do you think one can ever stop loving someone they’ve truly loved before?

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You’re doing it to yourself. You deserve better.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S TO ALL. Love is when he lets you choose what you want to eat. Love is when he carefully picks out the bones from the fish for you. Love is when he laughs at you for being a messy eater, but helps you clean off stains from your shirt.Love is when you have never ending things to talk about. Love is when he tells you to stay there while he goes get the car. Love is when you feel happy just being with him. //

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