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三白眼 + Dr. Young's CC Cushion!

👆👆 brows by Erabelle - I love my brows! Thank you Fannie from Vivo outlet!!! 選你是沒錯的!

AND Omg what a long day out today!!!! *exhausted*

Eh... Does my face look smaller?! Does it does it?!

Today I kept asking people if my face looked any smaller LOL and they said yes. Ok happy hahaha I think the Thermage is working!!! 1 week post Thermage. 💪 it's supposed to get even better in 2 months so come on, face up up please!

Randomly: I have 三白眼 👀

Actually one of the reason I didn't wanna do lasik was because I actually liked wearing colored lenses (although they make me feel really tired).

You know how some ppl look like they have a certain life (好命,苦命臉 etc) just by their features etc...?

Yeah I have 三白眼! I'm not THAT overly disturbed by it BUT it still makes a difference in my EOTDs, which explains why I haven't taken one in such a long time. :/


Lol according to an online article,


Ok I can't judge this for myself. I guess it's easy for people to be a little bit of this and that!

But Careful, @kenshinjeff. One day I might kill you ah. Hahaha.

Anyway if you can't visualize this, a good example of someone with 下三白眼 (but a bit more extreme) is Kelly Chen Hui Ling. Li Bingbing & Lin Chi Ling's are rounder, more expressive.

It's not that bad, but yeah it DOES make a difference la. I think I looked kinder and more expressive with my colored contact lenses.

And it's been so many years since I've done makeup on my eyes without colored contacts, that I feel like I need to relearn all my makeup skills to bring out certain features so that I look more alive and 有神. Now it's like I'm rolling my eyes at everyone HAHAHAHAH.

Ok la CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Let me try and see what I can do... That's for another time!

Andddd I've been trying this out for the past 3 days! I wanted to try this out since I saw the very convincing video (will be living the blog post in a bit!). The Dr Young team very kindly sent this to me and so far, I really like using this!

The Dr. Young Complete Color (CC) Cushion is from the Protect & Prevent range - it comes in one shade (light beige) - thankfully it was a good match for me - and has SPF 50! It comes with a refill pack like most other cushions do, so its a compact + refill for $54.90. I'd say the price is fair - Laneige's is $56? Plus you can purchase this online (just google for dr. Young cc cushion).

I prefer cushions because.. Less mess!!! No need to clean brushes afterwards and I can bring it around for touch ups too.

But other than that, this compact also contains aloe, marine and vegetable fermented extracts to soothe your skin and also provide moisture. And it does! My skin doesn't feel as dry nor does it peel as much when I'm using this, even with just a very light amount of foundation on.

SPF50 PA++ is great too, no need extra sunblock! 💪✨

Convenience is key, but the most important thing is the COLOR MATCH of the bb cushion. Sure I can tone a pink one down with yellow powder but what's the point?! And that's why it was a surprise to find that this CC Cushion which comes in just one shade it seems (light beige) suited me perfectly. It is ever so slightly more greyish, but that's ok! When the blush goes on its all good haha.

I like to use liquid tints because it blends better with cushions.

Here's a before and after without any concealing (I usually apply concealer before using any cc or bb cushion).

Don't mind those red marks they're not zits, but PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) marks. They're flat, red and usually can be covered with a good concealer.

See how much of it was corrected out with this cc cushion! All the redness on my face countered out. Yes!!!

Here's a full face picture, with everything on (mascaras, eyeliner etc). This picture is a little reddish due to the white balance BUT you can see that the CC Cushion made an excellent base! : D

I think it's a good choice if you find other CC Cushions too pink (which is usually the case).

As for oil control, it fared ok - my face has been very oily again these days do I can't help but blot every few hours.

One more from today! Don't mind me - forgot to put on my Lippy and snapped a pic cos I was rushing out. I love purple on my eyes these days. 💗💗💗

I really like this CC Cushion, hope you guys can give it a try if you're looking for a cushion and you're around the same shade as I am! I'm usually a 20 for most products but sometimes 10 and a little in between these days.

A snap with some photography like minded friends - Daniel, Ron (my weddin photog turned friend) and James (10 year long friend wtf)). Am glad to have had a light hearted lunch with them and thankful that they came to town or I might have missed my appointments thereafter! Taken with my EPL7 - Heng AH got selfie flip screen!!! 😆✨

Gonna go finish up my blog post about Dr Young products and post it up in a bit - check again tmr morning for a new post! 💗

Day 346

Friday, 12 Dec 2014

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dearmjy (avatar)

dearmjy Omg! I keep telling people I have a lot of 眼白 and that my iris doesn't touch the top and bottom lids but I never knew it's called 三白眼!hahaha.

2 years ago

evonnz (avatar)

evonnz @dearmjy LOL same! I learnt it from watching 康熙來了,小甜甜 commented 三白眼淫蕩 and I was like 😱💔

2 years ago

bbgting (avatar)

bbgting Why can't u wear coloured lens after lasik? Just wear the zero degrees lens?

2 years ago

evonnz (avatar)

evonnz @tingbbg some people (especially people who have undergone conventional lasik which flattens/alters the shape of your cornea during the procedure) are unsuitable to wear lenses after - it might be very uncomfortable as the curvature is drastically different after that. As for me, the doctor said no lenses till 6 months later! And even by then I have to check my curvature first! ;)

2 years ago

tangledshe (avatar)

tangledshe Hmm James. You reminded me, I bumped into Josh at an event err like two years ago lol! Knew him through you!

2 years ago

evonnz (avatar)

evonnz @tangledshe hahaha! Josh Swu right. 人家有孩子了 OMG

2 years ago

tangledshe (avatar)

tangledshe Ya, Josh Swu! And ya! He's a dad liao! Tian ah!

2 years ago

classicute (avatar)

classicute I am not sure what you don't like about your eyes but to me they are the prettiest feature on you especially without contact lenses :) Even though I love to use coloured contact lenses ^^ The purple eye-shadow looks so pretty! I would love to see a tutorial/pictorial.

2 years ago

bunbunmakeuptips (avatar)

bunbunmakeuptips The one before the purple eyeshadow picture. .. the 眼神 like...... want to 报仇的女鬼 😂

2 years ago

evonnz (avatar)

evonnz @bunbunmakeuptips murder husband ma. HAHAHA @classicute that is so, so so sweet of you!!!! 💗💗 I'll do one for you soon! @tangledshe haha it's amazing cos last time when I knew them they were just bf/gf to me still then suddenly zoom!

2 years ago

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