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June 2019

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First time ever using this hashtag, but hoping to get some advice from #dayrebrides here πŸ˜…Haven been scrolling the hashtag diligently but started doing so the past 2 nights, and omg the information and reviews here are SO informative! Way more efficient to read here than to research and all on my own. Anyway, today’s post arose because Im unable to decide on my PWS gown. πŸ˜– I like both! So here they are:

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Swarovski Rings πŸ’

Contemplating getting 1 or 2 of these Swarovski rings...

Is it just me, or does the tactic of turning back time to complete a post in Dayre no longer works?

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This was how I spent 3 days of the week. Sick and in bed.I guess I pushed my body too much and it just needed some rest. Though I think it may look like I chao geng, cause I mc on tue, and though I cancelled all plans on wed and rested, I repeated the mc on thu. Too little slp. Too much activities. Too many things to think about floating around my head. That said, the 3 days were restful enough. Though I still did some work here and there during my times of awakening.

The day before a public holiday. I fell sick. Been tethering on the edge for a few weeks now but suddenly, last night, the flu came. And this morning I woke up with a mini swollen throat and barely able to get out of bed. 😩 Damn sian. There goes my plan to exercise.

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