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July 2017

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Upgraded to Dayre+Because...- in a way support dayre- to use all the stickers I refused to pay for- to have the option of having private post😁

June 2017

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Fulfilling daughter's duty today 💁, accompanied my dad for his doc appt. He's now doing xray so here I am updating this space.I'm not sure how or when I can face the truth that my parents are getting older and will one day leave me.

Better to be alone than in bad company. 

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リバース (Reverse)This has a twist in every single episode. My heart couldn't take it. My fav for the season. #susdrama #jdrama

One by one, they left the place while I'm still there. Should I leave too? It doesn't make sense to leave just because everyone else is.Should I stay? Staying at a place for so long doesn't seem good too. 🤷

Every day the things I saw taught me that there's no need to have integrity, no need to be nice, it's ok to be selfish.How tough it is to be who you are when you know that by being who you are, you will suffer more? But you know that it's the right thing to do. Perhaps what my parents taught doesn't allow us to live well in this world.

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