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July 2018

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Sometimes I just get tired of the different issues I always have on my period.But *choy* there isn't any serious problem.It's just being a pain. ------------------------------------------

How to raise a child to have a big heart and yet do not get bullied?How to teach them that thin line between being kind and stupidly nice?Or maybe it's just me who felt that kind pple always get the short straw.

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Running failed big time today because I couldn't compete my two rounds orz But at least i exercised thrice this week! If including the walk it will be four times! And maybe the shopping? 😂😂#astrongerme

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I needed a day cream after mamonde rose gel cream. There's no issue with tt but it doesn't do much. Love the fragrance.So I got this while I was at dddonki Love the fragrance too It's strange tho. I was so used to no fragrance for the longest time.


It was my 7th last week.I still could remember meeting my boss for the first time during the interview. We spent quite reasonable amount of time talking about my exchange and vessels. 😂I still could remember the reception lady who was very nice to me and told me how to pronounce my boss name and company name (NTS: next time choose something simpler).I still could remember bumping into the candidate before me and we wore almost the same colour. She's probably from business. #stereotyping

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