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February 2019

Oh how I love those late night talks in the car and over the phone. Uplifting, encouraging and inspiring. What an honor and pleasure to have a pastor as a friend, mentor, Mother.

Another 1 down. When will it be my turn, will there even be any for me? Or am I just gonna get the leftovers when others have alr made their pick. Oh Goddd pls don’t do this to me

What are you willing to offer? I am willing to live my life according to His will. 2019 question of the year

January 2019

When i fall sick so often....A) that the pastor cannot take it anymore that she has to pass me vit c to take😂: P: so u got take the vitC everyday anot Me: yes! P: don’t want to hear you fall sick again ah *pastor’s vitC is 仙丹?🤔* B) tt ppl wonders why you fall sick so often H: why you always sick one Me: idk leh H: issit you allergic to outreach LOL I BURST OUT LAUGHINGC) tt ppl makes fun of my nasal voice X: you still sick ah Me: ya lor X: *says in nasal voice* yeh lorrr

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