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February 2019

Changing careers

So...remember how I said I wasn't happy with my job and I said perhaps it was because of the people I was with and not entirely the job itself.

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Currently sitting on the toilet before I hop into the shower and L's waiting for me in my bedroom. Guess what's he doing?

Weird and random question, but has anyone ever ordered chocolate from #iHerb? Did it come all melted or was it okay?

January 2019

Hello, iz me. Honestly, at this point, I don't update not because I have nothing to update but because I am plain lazy hahaha. Anyway, I didn't think L would actually know of this new account because I didn't leave up the post on my previous account stating where I've moved for very long.

Yay I finally managed to rest my password for realz.

I created a whole new dayre just to let it be dead lol. L and I are coming up on our 6 month "anniversary". It's pretty crazy how things have changed. This time last year, I was still pretty caught up with K (& also another dude that well, found my dayre, didn't like what he saw so he peaced out). 

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