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January 2019

Watching some Chinese movie about 妖精 like demons and fox spirits etc. I actually quite believe this exists because my China relatives told us about such stories before. Hahah. It may not be exactly like depicted in movies etc but they used to be rampant in China. And if you noticed, the rural villages of Indonesia, China, etc (if you have met people staying there) they all believe in such things because they’ve seen it themselves.

Ok I really need to ask. Do you mummies miss being pregnant? If yes, what do you even miss about it?? I don’t enjoy being pregnant a single bit. Except for cutting HDL queue hahahah. But seriously, if you ask me I’d rather be my usual self than waddle around and have all the symptoms! It puzzles me when people tell me “oh how I miss the movements of the child inside me” I don’t. Because it disrupts my sleep and I have a dancing queen who moves WAYYY too often now.

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