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Summer (and beyond) Plans?

Using one of my new stickers!

Anyway, I've decided that in order to give myself something to look forward too, I should go find events and such to go for. And so I don't forgot, gonna write them down today so I can decide later on if I wanna go:

1. Blueberry Picking (PLANNED)

Going with my friends this Saturday! Really looking forward to this!

2. Wind chime festival (DATE TO GO UNDECIDED)


Haven't been to Imari (which I keep mispronouncing as Imanri ><) but this town looks lovely and I want to go!

Haven't decided if I should go this month or next though :p

3. Spectacles Rock

[source: This and the rest of the photos are from]

Not an event but looks pretty cool! But location might not be convenient, so I need to see if there's parking nearby...

4. Pottery Market

This is far far in the future (October-ish) but it looks kind of interesting?

Not really familiar with pottery, though, so I haven't decided if I want to go.

5. American festival

This is in September but like the pottery festival, I'm not sure if I want to go. I guess it depends on what is going to be there?

I wonder if there's a site with a list of the foods they are going to sell... 😝

6. Sechibaru takabara Summer Festival

I'm not sure what this festival is about but I'm automatically interested in a place that has a giant teapot.

And apart from these, I would like to go to Hirado and Goto islands, etc.

So I should have plenty of things to look forward to over the coming months. The problem will be finding the time and motivation.

Fahrenheit 451 is available on the BBC iPlayer app!!!

And only 15 min per episode so it should be easy to find time to listen to this.

Not sure how much is from the original but the starting is the same which is ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I find it weird that the rain today is heavier than during the typhoon but at least I'm home so I just have to listen to the sound of it

(Driving back was a bit stressful though)

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