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How Much Will You Pay For A Book?|Book Review: Plot versus Character

I slept for 13 hours! (And feel human now)

Having a mug of tea (I just realised I only use those dainty tea cups when I'm at tea shops 🙈) and finally opening the Lupicia magazine!!

The tea exchange left me with an abundance of tea that led to a "what to drink" paradox. My current plan of attack is to finish up all the small, single serving packets before going on to the big ones.

Today's tea is a creme brûlée tea but I forgot who gave it to me! Sorry!! It's pretty similar to the "cake" teas, maybe because they have similar taste images (sorry couldn't think of a better word but it's the things you think about when you think of the object). The tea's supposed to be really good with milk but I don't have any so I'm drinking it plain.

The Lupicia samples this time! The loose leaf tea is called "Caramel and Run" (name seems enough explanation) and I think my mom might like it cause she likes rum and raisin?

The teabag is the "Union Jack" tea which is supposed to be a high-class "orthodox" tea (I guess no flavours?), perfect as an everyday tea.

Lupicia, why you do this to meeeee 😭😭😭

I want the whole set because the cans are so pretty!! Can someone talk me into buying only one or two of the teabags because WHAT WILL I USE THE EMPTY CANS FOR??

Actually the tea bags are really cute too.

Hahahaha this magazine is so tempting! But luckily there's no Lupicia near me (but in other news, I have a baking class on Sunday so I'll be heading back to Fukuoka...)

(They also have tea jams and sets of tea + jams so I'm doomed haha)

#DayreTeaLovers #LupiciaFangirl (ok the second tag is a bit much)

How Much Would You Pay For A Paperback?

Legit question here!

I was looking into printing services in Singapore because my family wants to get quite a few copies of my books to giveaway (I don't know why we're not selling them but my parents are "buying" it so...)

So I tried to search for printing services and this was the cheapest that I could find:

They published Eva, Kopi and Matcha, so I know they're legit (but no distribution for me unless I submit the books to them for republishing), and it's like half the current price of Amazon.

But if I got 100 copies, I'd have a lot left over.

So I just want to throw it out - would you guys (who want to buy my book) pay $8 per copy (Let me make some profit haha), not including postage fees? Postage will be from Singapore, so it shouldn't be so ex?

Do let me know in the comments and if you have suggestions for where I can sell the books in SG (or any suggestions) let me know too!!



Finally Hahahaha. I can FaceTime people and watch videos and stuff (but I'm guessing it'll take some time to buffer).

Sorry I can't cook oyako-don properly but look! I found a glass bowl that I had but for some reason didn't use :p

Ok, maybe I should have just taken a picture of it while it was empty.

(And in an unrelated note, I can't find my kindle fire charger >< I thought I used it once so it should be lying around but it's not)

Saw a sunset and ran out to take a picture of it.

Book Review: Plot versus Character by Jeff Gerke

I'm not sure where I saw this book being recommended, but it sounded interesting and the library had it so I borrowed it and found it so interesting that I had to take notes while reading. And still finished it in a day.

Plot versus Character isn't about which is better. It's about how you can balance a good plot with memorable characters to create a great story. Personally, I found it a little tilted towards character, but since character growth can be a part of plot I guess it's all balanced.

The first few chapters give the big picture, and then Gerke breaks everything down. So while it occasionally feels like Gerke is repeating himself, most of the information feels new and useful when I read it.

I'm not really a plotter, so the character parts felt a lot more useful to me. That being said, I'll probably be using what I learnt in this book when revising a draft, and then use it for the next story (and tbh if I can get the hero's journey down the plot part should come easily too)

Oh and by the way, while reading it, I realise that quite a few of my stories - like Twilight Children, don't really follow the recommended structure. So I might have to do some heavy revision, even though I've already rewritten it once! But if it makes the story better, then why not?

If anyone wants the notes, drop me an email and I'll send you the link. It's a google doc so the link is pretty long - not really something you can type.

Overall, I really liked the book. It was practical and I did appreciate how the last section included exceptions to the structure he gave (although I think mine deviates too much :p). There were concrete suggestions and lots of examples, so it should be easy for anyone to follow along.

#Dayrebookclub #Dayrewriters

Day 55

Friday, 24 Feb 2017

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sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe control!! just buy one then use the empty can to store your accessories? haha

1 year ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @sgbudgetbabe the problem is that I already have like 3 or 4 cans(different flavours though!) But since the teabags are so pretty I can probably convince myself to just get the sakura and berry teabags (and it'll be more convenient to make hahahaha)

1 year ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe get ONE

1 year ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @sgbudgetbabe 👍🏼 Thank you for telling me that XD (Tea (and books) are my buying weaknesses)

1 year ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe I'll buy!! and also, where! I wanna self publish too leh do you think anyone will be interested if I write a book on personal finance lol

1 year ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @sgbudgetbabe I WILL BUY THAT! It's so rare to find a personal finance book geared for Singaporeans!! (I will be the first to review the book too!) I'll email you the publisher name!

1 year ago

lavendershoots (avatar)

lavendershoots What book are you publishing? I'll pay $25 max for a book!

1 year ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @lavendershoots this is for the Nutcracker! Haha I won't charge so much! Thank you for the comment!

1 year ago

rideofvalkyries (avatar)

rideofvalkyries I think $8 is ok given the thickness of the book.

1 year ago

rideofvalkyries (avatar)

rideofvalkyries Oh, and I am not sure if they do stock books for you if you asked, but these are the shops where I feel you can get things uniquely Singaporean: Naiise, Booksactually and Cat Socrates!

1 year ago

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