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The Zero Marginal Cost Society Review Part 1|あまび (Amabi) mochi

Many of the leading players in the near zero marginal cost revolution argue that while nearly free goods and services will become far more prevalent, they will also open up new possibilities for creating other goods and services at sufficient profit margins to maintain growth and even allow the capitalistic system to flourish.

Today's goal: finish reading this book. I have a report due in it by the end of the month, so it's gonna take some time to come up with the topic and rethink it.

The premise is pretty fascinating. It's arguing that as the collaborative commons rise, capitalism will play a smaller, more streamlined role in the economy.

Makes sense when you think of how we're used to sharing things we make for free (like on Dayre) and using things for free or near free.

While the capitalist market is based on self-interest and driven by material gain, the social Commons is motivated by collaborative interests and driven by a deep desire to connect with others and share.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 introduces the basic concepts of the book and provides definitions (always good, except now I have yet another definition of IoT (Internet of Things) that I have to work in).

What was new to me was the idea of IoT as the 'soulmate' of the Collaborative Commons. I've been thinking about it in terms of supply chains and productivity, but it does make sense, especially if you're considering it in a broader sense.

While capitalism operates through tube free market, free markets don't require capitalism.

Chapters 2,3,4: These 3 chapters are a summary of economic history, and probably a way for the author to reframe our thinking so we're more receptive to his ideas (is that too cynical?)

But basically, the premise is that with the industrial revolutions, we moved towards vertical integration with a central command, but with IoT and the Collaborative Commons (CC), we're moving towards everything integrated but decentralised.

Which begs the question: why are the main movers big companies?

Saw the "study online for almost free" meme. But Coursera does charge for a certified accreditation thing, and that isn't 'nearly free'. So unless employers are willing to accept the free certificates of achievement, MOOCs won't help people who don't have the money to go to university <- possible report topic?

How then do we ensure an open, transparent flow of data that can benefit everyone while guaranteeing that information concerning every aspect of one's life is not used without their permission and against their wishes in ways that compromise and harm their well-being?

Yay, just bought warabi mochi with amaou strawberries (a feature product of Fukuoka) 😁😁

Been wanting to buy it for some time, but the smallest serving size is for 2, and it only lasts a day. So, I waited for the family to come.

According to the sign, the mochi today was freshly made and delivered from Itoshima!!

Back to the book

Chapter 5 is about productivity, IoT and free energy. For the energy thing, which was new to me, the author says that renewable energy is the near-free energy, after you recoup the installation (and I suppose switching) costs.

It is true about fossil energies being finite and hence unable to go to free, but I think they do have a role to play in the near future, as we transition. Hence the role of microgrids and virtual power plants.

Smart energy isn't just where the energy comes from, it's also how we manage it. I suspect the IoT/big data methods will apply for all forms of energy - we need to figure out how to adjust supply flexibly and how to predict demand. And of course, on the industrial side, how to use IoT technologies to be more energy efficient.

The bro wanted nuggets, so we stopped for Macs and I got to try the gateau cake mcflurry XD

The weird thing about macdonalds here is that the nuggets are considered a side dish. So if you want a nugget meal you have to buy everything individually...

Back to the book

Chapter 6: 3D printing!! It's something I knew about, but this is the first time that I really see its future tied to the IoT/CC movement. Extremely interesting stuff.

But the author seems to call this movement the Third Industrial Revolution, while in Germany, this is the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Yet another contradiction for my research partners and me...

But I think the concept of moving from mass production to production by the masses is cool. Didn't know Gandhi said something similar

Knowledge has been enclosed behind the walls of academic institutions whose price of admission excludes all but the wealthiest. That's about to change.

Chapter 7 is about MOOCs and other forms of education. Basically, MOOCs will bring the cost of good education down, and in general, education will become more multidisciplinary and less focuses on rote memorisation.

I mentioned the cost of MOOCs before, but the book is right in saying that it's near free compared to its traditional price. But it may still be expensive and out of reach to the very poor or those with no PayPal or credit cards.

As for the learning style, I love the idea of multidisciplinary themes as the basis of education, but I still feel that for the basics, like the multiplication tables, memorisation is key. Like yes, I can work out multiplication if I needed to, but it's faster to have, say, the times table or Pythagoras theorem memorised, especially when I'm integrating the skill with others.

What I'm saying is that you don't have to memorise stuff, but it might be more convenient to do so.

Chapter 8,9: chapter 8 is about the worker becoming obsolete, while chapter 9 is about the rise of the prosumer, a consumer who also producers. Both are very interesting ideas, although it feels rather America-centric. I'd be interested in seeing how much of what the author is saying is applicable in developing countries (especially the unemployment stuff).


Book review to be continued...

This is not related to the book (stopped for NaNo and other stuff) but my bro wanted to watch iCarly, so we're watching iGo to Japan, and I just noticed that apart from 3 lines, all the 'Japanese' is gibberish.

They couldn't get them to argue in actual Japanese?

Ok, we finished the episode, and all the translated lines had proper Japanese. So it was only the Japanese contestants (who happened to be the antagonists) that spoke gibberish while arguing... Not sure what to make of that.

Forgot to share this just now, but I got two books at BookOff this afternoon! (Well, actually, my mom got them for me). The left is The Black Swan, which I got for 500 yen XD

The second is the novelisation of Black End Night, a vocaloid series I really like (I'll share the first video with everyone). Unfortunately, this is the second half, so that when I find the first half, I'll be able to get it and read the whole thing 😁

Found one with a decent English translation. There are three more videos in the series!!

Ok, finally ate the あまび (amabi - amaou + warabi?) mochi!!

It came in this pretty packaging.

So there are three ways of eating it. The first is to eat it plain.

I have never eaten mochi with this much flavour 😍😍 Can totally taste the strawberries here. Kinda like good quality jam, but in mochi form.

The second way was with condensed milk over it. Also good, and not too sweet (but I have a sweet tooth, so I may not be the most reliable one)

The last way was with kinako sprinkled on it. Totally my favourite method ❤️❤️😍😍😍 I love kinako, and I love amaou strawberries so this was totally a match made in heaven.

No regrets buying this, and now that I know the portion size, I guess I can buy it as a treat when I feel like pigging out.

#mochi #sweets #dayrefatties

Japanese Word of the Day: 狩り (がり; gari)

Today's Japanese word is sort of related to yesterday (and Wednesday's word will be too haha). It's called 狩り (がり; gari)

The translation of 狩り is hunting, but it's the compound words that are useful.

For example, 紅葉狩り (もみじがり; momiji gari), which is the activity of going to look at momiji (what I wanted to do yesterday). Apparently, it's translated as 'leaf peeping'.

Apart from momiji, we can also use 狩り for other activities that a lot of us will want to do in Japan. For example:

いちご狩り (ichigo gari): strawberry picking - did this in Aso Farmland before and it was way fun!! Best time: around Feb

りんご狩り (ringo gari): Apple picking - I think Aomori and Nagano are really famous for their apples, so if you're there during the season (I think Autumn?), you have to try.

Although strangely enough, even though (apparently) in the past the word 桜狩り (Sakura gari) was used, now we say 花見 (hanami) when we're talking about looking at sakura. So this would be one exception to the -gari form.

But basically, if you want to go fruit picking of some sort (or view momiji), just say:

いちご狩りに行きたいです; ichigo gari ni ikitai desu - I want to go strawberry picking. The "desu" makes it polite, and you can replace the "ichigo" part with the fruit (or momiji) of your choice.

The day after: I'll be talking about the two ways you can read the word 紅葉. It's pretty interesting (checked it out just now).

#Japanesewordoftheday #japan

Day 327

Monday, 23 Nov 2015

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chertwin (avatar)

chertwin This book looks interesting!!

3 years ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @cherxuan It is! Lots of things to think about so far(:

3 years ago

iLing (avatar)

iLing I wanted to try their ebi burger! Have you tried it? And do you eat mos burger there?

3 years ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @iling Yeah, I did quite a long time ago! But I think Singapore has it as a promotion thing too? And yeah, there's a Mos Burger near my campus - I like it, but the bro doesn't 😂

3 years ago

iLing (avatar)

iLing We don't have it here in Msia (my reply on day323)! 😂 I tried Mos Burger in Taiwan and I liked it, we don't have that too!! And my youngest sis likes iCarly too hahahah

3 years ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @iling Haha I like iCarly too, but this episode is a bit... (Maybe cause it's my first time watching it after I learnt Japanese.)

3 years ago

iLing (avatar)

iLing The mochi looks so good!! And 500yen what a good deal!

3 years ago

backattwentysix (avatar)

backattwentysix I dreamt of people mix-n-matching their facial features and the only sentence I can remember was that they take things and make something new from it haha. Seems like Kaiguo left quite an impression!

3 years ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @iling Yup!! Quite happy with that buy.

@backattwentysix Really? Wow, that's so cool!!

3 years ago

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