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Baking Class|Book Review: Philosophy & Terry Pratchett

Good morning!!

I'm on my way to Fukuoka now, because I've got a baking class and it makes no sense to miss it.

The tickets for the bus there are insane though >< And even I bought the 4 ticket set, which makes it about 400 yen cheaper per ticket, it's still 3600 yen + 460 yen (back home) for the round trip 😱

Oh, and the saddest part is that I couldn't use my Line Card to pay for the tickets, even though I already charged it. Had to use cash so now I have no cash left :/

Book Review: Philosophy and Terry Pratchett

Read this on the bus, although it's not light enough to be travel reading material - I will definitely have to reread this one day to more fully absorb everything.

Anyway, Philosophy & Terry Pratchett is a collection of essays divided into four categories:

1. Self-perception, Narrative and Identity (4 essays)
2. Social and Political Philosophy (3 essays)
3. Ethics and the Good Life (4 essays)
4. Logics and metaphysics. (2 essays)

Some essays read like an essay analysing Discworld, while others read like Discworld was added to a discussion on philosophy. On the whole, though, I found parts two and three to be the most interesting ones, although that's probably because of the topic than the writing style. In particular, essays on the Witches on Lancre and Death tended to be the most interesting ones, no matter which category they were in.

You won't need to have an understand of philosophy to read this, though it will be helpful, but you'll want to have read most (if not all) of all the Discworld books before reading this. I haven't read a few and didn't get the reference to certain plot elements.

This is review is rather short (especially compared to yesterday's haha) but there isn't much to say. If you're a Discworld fan and are interesting in reading about another way to thank about it, you'll enjoy this.


I know I moved only 10 days ago but I HAVE MISSED YOU FUKUOKA.

Decided that it would be a bit rushed to go to Gindako in Canal City, so I'm having lunch at a bakery in Tenjin. Got the mentaiko bread, strawberry danish and banana juice with honey.

Baking Class: Strawberry Shortcake

In today's baking class, we learnt how to make strawberry shortcake. Only they call it by the French name - gateau fraises.

Oddly enough, I always thought that shortcake was a type of biscuit. Then I realised I had it mixed up with shortbread 😂😂 (Walkers shortbread was this huge treat whenever we got it)

The cake was baked in this paper folded up to look like a pan. I don't know if cake tins are normal (I certainly had that impression before I started class), but the paper is really useful because we wrapped the cake in it, was easy to peel, etc.

We also built the cake + put the cream on before cutting it, so that the edges would look nice. Which means that I got a plate full of this:


Cutting the cake was super terrible, though! The cake + cream was soft, but the strawberries aren't and they kept slipping out! Everyone at my table was going "I don't want to cut anymore" as we were cutting 😂😂

But I didn't cut enough and my cake just fit into the box. Exactly at the line lol.

But I had one tablemate whose cake couldn't fit into the box 😱

(And you see the gaps in the middle? I accidentally whipped the cream used for the filling a bit too much so it couldn't spread well)

Teacher's version, which is absolute 😍😍😍

Tasted super nice too - their cake was extremely fluffy compared to ours!

(I also want an oven now but I don't know if I'll use it enough to make it worthwhile!)

And this is my version 😅

Here's hoping it makes the trip back to Nagasaki.

But I still have to wait until the 6 pm bus because when I made my reservation, I decided that I did not want to rush.

And uh, I wanted to go to...

Lupicia 🍵

I really have a problem lol.

But on the bright side, I only bought one of the sakura teas 👍🏼


The boxes are so pretty too 😍

I got the sakura and berry one in the end because I loved the smell of that the best. So I have more tea that I can only drink in the day lol.

And I ended up getting the tin because the box of teabags is only 200 yen cheaper and contains half the amount of tea (25g to the tin's 50g).

So obviously the tin was the wiser choice 😏


Day 57

Sunday, 26 Feb 2017

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shiawase (avatar)

shiawase Your cake looks good!! 🍰🍰 (just like the emoji!!)

Those tins!!! That packaging 😍😍 I just want to fly to Japan right now to buy it 😭😭😩😩

1 year ago

autumnstar (avatar)

autumnstar ur cake still looks really nice! is there a reason why u didnt cut the cake first before assembling? maybe it would have been easier? could have cheated and cut the strawberries too 😂

1 year ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @cheon thank you!! Haha I know right? The packaging is so pretty and it smells soooo good too!!

@starthatlikesautumn the cake won't look nice if I cut it first! The cream will probably spill over to the sides/come out at the sides and all that, so it's best to cut it last and then add the toppings 😊

1 year ago

twinkles (avatar)

twinkles Wah your cake looks divine! There's a boulangerie here called Paul (think they have in sg also!) that makes a Genoese that looks just like yours!! Super impressed 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

1 year ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @twinkles REALLY???? Ok next time we're in the same country with an oven I will bake this for you!!

1 year ago

cxtel (avatar)

cxtel Hope your cake makes it to Nagasaki nicely! Did you cut your cake after arranging so that the strawberries get "exposed" at the sides? 🤔 Also, you didn't used a tin to bake your cake? 😱

1 year ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @cxtel haha yeah, sort of! And to get the cream on top to look right too. Nope, just that piece of paper (I used it for the roll cake I made around Christmas too).

1 year ago

love_dream (avatar)

love_dream Your cake looks equally delicious 😋.

Lipicia is indeed an attractive stopover! They have one of the nicest tea tin packaging 😘

1 year ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @love_dream awww thank you!! And yeah Lupicia's tin designs are 😍

1 year ago

lizlyx (avatar)

lizlyx Your cake looks delicious!

1 year ago

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