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Signups for the Dayre Tea Exchange 2018 are open!

Hey everyone! It’s time for ...


Dayre Tea Exchange 2018 + Dayre Tea ParTEA!

Super excited about this year’s Tea Exchange because it’s gonna be split into two parts:

1. Exchange via mail (this you already know)

2. Exchange at the Dayre Tea ParTEA! ← NEW!!!

Since we’ve been having parties on and off throughout the year, I thought it might be good to combine the two. This is how it’ll work.

Exchange via mail

This will be as per normal. I only ask that you try to send it out by Dec or End-Nov so that it can be an early Christmas present for whoever you’re matched to.

Anyone can join this - no geographical limitations!

Exchange at Tea ParTEA

Bring your favourite tea to the party and go home with another! We will provide the teas and snacks (I know that @mulanthesecond and I are super excited to share the teas we have with you guys)

I haven’t worked out how the swap will happen (likely a sort of lucky draw? Or maybe we’ll arrange it based on your tea preferences and tell you then hahaha), but it’ll be like those gift exchange parties.

The date is NOVEMBER 17 so it will be a super early Christmas celebration.

Everyone is welcome, but you do have to be in Singapore on the day.

You can opt to participate by mail, at the party, or both ways! If you need more time, that’s okay - just let me know when you can make your decision.

Sign up link:

We are actually still discussing where to have the party, so if you have any suggestions, let us know in the forms!!

I’ll close signups on the 18th, so you have two weeks to sign up.

Let me know if you have any questions 😊

#DayreTeaLovers #DayreTeaExchange

Wah I really cannot with myself.

So while I had a sore throat last week and wasn’t feeling my best, I signed up for an insurance plan. Partly because it was what I wanted and partly because I wanted to cut short the whole thing and go home.

Today, a friend was like “hey, for that coverage there’s another plan that’s half the price” BUT I FEEL TOO BAD TO CANCEL BECAUSE THE INSURANCE AGENT IS NEW

(The pity strategy works lol)

Sigh I will probably stick with a higher one out of guilt. My whole family is like this - we buy plans to support people and be nice ugh.

This is why homosapiens cannot become homoeconomus and act rationally. Because feelings get in the way.

Anyone else like me or are y’all okay with dropping plans for something cheaper?

Day 277

Thursday, 4 Oct 2018

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kobenhamburg (avatar)

kobenhamburg well, i think dropping plans it’s okay, imagine the number you can save. And, just have to be hard hearted and drop the plans once, and you can save a lot of money. Sometimes I also care about feelings, but I started to be more firm and think more about myself - at the end of the day, if u need that additional money, will the agent or people you “sympathise” with give it to you? That’s how I made a decision :)

8 months ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @kobenhamburg that’s a nice way to think of it! Haha I hope I can harden my heart before the cooling off period (but unlikely given the amount of angst I’m going through lol)

8 months ago

kobenhamburg (avatar)

kobenhamburg just do and think later 😀

8 months ago

jeslynlovespanda (avatar)

jeslynlovespanda Pls drop the plan. I've similar encounter before. And less than two years that agent quit and I'm assigned to a total stranger. Damn mad at myself and the agent. And is your plan is long term, you are definitely losing a lot of money. That agent doesn't really care, I'm sorry to say that. He might be pissed, but he has to learn too.

8 months ago

jeslynlovespanda (avatar)

jeslynlovespanda *if. And I couldn't drop my plan cos I'll lose a lot. 2 years worth of premium. And if I get another, it will be calculated based on my current age, which might be higher. Conclusion is, this is a long term investment, shouldn't your welfare be prioritised first? And you are the one paying the premiums!

8 months ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @jeslynlovespanda really?? So scary! I gotta tell your story to my family, they’re like “no lah, you can afford the extra $40 so just take it as a good deed to her”

8 months ago

alwaysmore (avatar)

alwaysmore I would drop the plan

8 months ago

chubchubs (avatar)

chubchubs Hello Eustacia! im an agent myself so i kinda know how things work. if the current plan u bought and the cheaper plan is from the same company, most likely the agent knows about it. but as someone new he/she is probably trying to hit the target and if the plan can be cancelled anytime without penalty then you can choose to be nice and keep it and see the agent's commitment to you 😂 otherwise dropping and switching to the lower price would be wiser since it's a long term investment. we are taught to always prioritise client's needs but sometimes people just forget about that. 😩

8 months ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan @alwaysmore hahaha I should right???

@chubchubs the plan is from a different company! She’s very new so I don’t know whether I should be nice or take the risk and see if she’s even capable of looking out for me

8 months ago

chubchubs (avatar)

chubchubs oh noooo :( then i think it's really up to you. Perhaps you can discuss your concerns with her and learn about the differences for the product coverage and price.

8 months ago

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