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July 2018

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Dinner with Ethel!!!

Went to the library to borrow books for research 😊

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Being Real

Tell me, what am I doing here?I said, what am I doing here?Tell me, what am I doing here, ifI'm not being real- Real, NF

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Thoughts on Ben Davis and NS

Since Ben David and NS is THE topic right now (and because I’m pretending I have a life by meeting friends), I’ve actually been talking about this. And I noticed that most people I talk to (and see on the internet) tend to fall into one of the following camps:Camp 1: “How DARE the government keep this young talent down he should play football for his NS” group of people who oppose it but don’t seem to know the full circumstances (most fb commenters tbh)

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Pudding Update|Book Review: A Tale of Two Murders

Saw this on Facebook yesterday and it is so me and my manager 😂😂😂I really don’t like to call people while my manager is like “if they’re not replying, just call!”

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