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Parenthood, calligraphy and ramblings.

August 2019

Last night Hubs pestered me to sit down and do couple devotion together. I gave him an annoyed face cos I just got the boys to sleep and wanted to watch Money Heist.But I grudgingly followed. And it was so awesomeeeee.

I received dew ministry on Monday. It was from 8pm - 10pm so Hubs has to look after the boys alone. When I came back, I thanked him for looking after the boys and attempting to put them to sleep.👩🏻: Thanks for looking after the boys tonight. Hope they didn’t tire you out.👨🏻: I love looking after the boys leh. I enjoy spending time with them.

Restless. My mind has been restless.

Digital lock.I’m sooooo tempted to get the digital lock. I’ve been locked out of the house a few times now. The thing is, hubs and I sometimes leave the house together and we split ways after that and I get home before he does on some days. I end up stranded outside because I’m used to leaving the house without my own set of keys or even a bag when I go out with Hubs.With the digital lock, such things wouldn’t happen.Should we?

Recently our neighbour’s Daughter has been spending quite some time with the boys due to the holidays. Today, we went out for Prata together cos pri sch having oral examinations. Josiah’s sch 刚好 this week also closed for renovations.Haha. It’s almost like getting a feel of how it’s like having a Daughter. She’s a wonderful girl, polite and very thoughtful for others. A wonderful role model for the boys in fact.However, I don’t exactly like the things that some young girls enjoy to do?

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