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March 2019

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I had a sudden urge to reminisce about the times when Hubs and I knew each other in the states. This was the apartment that we rented. Gosh, brings back so much memories. So thankful for Google maps. ♥️

I feel like ever since we send the older boy to preschool, after countless trips to my fantastic PD and other recommendations from others, we are a family that practices in partaking health foods, TCM and essential oils.

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Cookies! Cornflake, chocolate chip cookies! We used olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Healthier. It’s super brown cos we used brown sugar! Hehe.

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Purchased this thermal flask today! It was so affordable, $19.90 only.I’ve been looking around for a thermal flask to bring hot water outdoors. But they were all so expensive I felt like the price is jacked up.Zojirushi, our favourite go to brand for Japan products is crazy expensive. $60-$70. But from Lazada also $50. Tiger also around same price.Plus I found out it isn’t made in Japan. Most of their products aren’t made in Japan anymore. Most of them are made in Thailand.

Woke up at 3am, our bed terrorised by the boys. Oh gosh, the small one still insisted to lie on top of my chest.I woke up to poop and had the sudden craving for crepes. Oh the craving so reals.I started searching for crepe recipes, gonna make crepes for our date tomorrow!!! 🤩

I think it’s quite an off-putting behaviour to give your word to something and then be a flake at the very last minute with a terrible excuse.

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